Top Gear is switching channels - here's where you can watch it

Are you a fan of the new presenter line-up? (Photo: BBC)Are you a fan of the new presenter line-up? (Photo: BBC)
Are you a fan of the new presenter line-up? (Photo: BBC)

Top Gear is poised to switch channels this year, making a move from BBC Two to make a new home on BBC One.

The change will mark the first time the popular motoring show has aired on BBC One since the programme was revived in 2002.

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A strong performance

Talks about a new home for the show took place in January, with the decision to elevate the programme to BBC One following a strong performance among young and under-served audiences.

The boost in performance comes a year after the show brought in a new trio of presenters.

Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff, Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris are the current faces of Top Gear, after Matt LeBlanc stood down as host in 2018. LeBlanc cited the demands of the role and how much it kept him away from his family and friends as the reason for his decision to quit.

The show attracted 4.2 million viewers on its return in January (Photo: Getty Images)

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The current trio proved to be an audience hit with the first season averaging 3.8 million viewers last year - an impressive 1.5 million ahead of the previous season fronted by Matt LeBlanc.

On its return in January, the show attracted 4.2 million viewers. These marked the highest viewing figures for a launch episode since 2016.

The BBC has noted that the show is performing better with young viewers and it will be hoping to capitalise on that with the move to BBC One, where it will be exposed to a much bigger audience.

When is Top Gear on TV?

The move to BBC One is yet to be finalised, but it is expected that season 29 will air later this year, with no changes to the show’s editorial direction.

The new series will run for six episodes and will be available to watch on catch up on BBC iPlayer.