Bradshaw’s 12-point boost

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Relegation-threatened Bradshaw have controversially been awarded 12 points for last Saturday’s home fixture against Triangle in the Premier Division of the Foster’s Halifax League.

Triangle had only four players at the match venue at the scheduled 1.30 start time on a day when virtually no local cricket was possible due to heavy rain.

Bradshaw claimed the points and the Halifax League’s executive decided on Monday evening that they were entitled to do so, irrespective of what the weather was like at 1.30.

The delay in announcing the decision is because the league wanted to inform Triangle by letter before making the news public.

Halifax League secretary Neil Myers said Bradshaw had been awarded maximum points, Triangle had got none and the Grassy Bottom club had also been fined £114.

Myers explained that was broken down into £35 to Bradshaw (compensation for match costs), £25 to the league and £54 as payment for the two umpires.

The official said executive members had stuck closely to the rule book in making their decision.

“The game was not cancelled, therefore we moved to the rule which states that all games commence at 1.30,” said Myers.

“At 1.30 Triangle did not have the minimum seven players there so Bradshaw are entitled to claim the points.”

It is Bradshaw’s first 12-pointer of the season and moves them above Blackley and Triangle and out of the relegation zone. They had only won one of their previous 13 fixtures.

Bottom club Sowerby St Peters, who like the other 10 sides in the Premier had to settle for two points on Saturday, are the other club who are sure to be unhappy with the outcome of Monday’s meeting.

Myers admitted that officials were bracing themselves for a backlash from other clubs hit by their decision.

“We are aware that being awarded the points is a massive help to Bradshaw, at the expense of Blackley and Sowerby SP, and that it will also contribute to Triangle’s slide from mid-table towards the bottom.

“We have looked at the rules and followed them - everyone knows that you have got to turn up on time whatever the weather.

“No matter what we did, someone would have a go at us. But we have just followed the rules.”