Champs Walsden forced to give backword to Ranil

Queens know they dare not put a foot wrong in their final two matches of the season if they are to win the Yorkshire League title.

The Halifax club and rivals Dunnington both bagged the maximum 20 points from 5-0 wins on Wednesday night.

It means the pair stay locked together at the top of the Premier Division but Queens show the way by virtue of having lost fewer games.

Queens had a powerful line-up out at home to Wiggington. Former world junior open finalist and current England coach David Campion was the only one to drop a game, in the fourth string contest against Jonny Duffield.

Dunnington showed they mean business by winning 5-0 at Barnsley in what was probably a tougher game on paper than Queens faced.

Queens are at home to Pontefract next Wednesday and complete their programme away to Huddersfield side Phoenix.

Kiwi Evan Williams and top female player Madeline Perry return for Queens next week and will line up alongside Eddie Charlton, Oliver Holland and Matt Sidaway.

Results: Eddie Charlton bt Peter Bilson 3-0, James Earles bt Josh Harris 3-0, Oliver Holland bt Simon Myring 3-0, David Campion bt Jonny Duffield 3-1, Matt Sidaway bt Ian Tooms 3-0.