Could more Leeds United fans turn to the Shay to watch players with more 'heart'?

Could disgruntled Leeds United fans be heading to FC Halifax Town more often?
Could disgruntled Leeds United fans be heading to FC Halifax Town more often?

A long-term Leeds United season ticket holder is considering switching his support to non-League football and FC Halifax Town as the players have more 'heart'.

Andrew Bentley is considering not renewing the ticket he has held since 1981 after another disappointing season and what he perceives as a lack of cohesion at the club.

"Are LUFC now 'consolidating' this season? And when are we going to see our under 23s coming in now instead of this time next year? We are season ticket holders...please give us some hope or I could be watching Halifax Town next season.

"I am seriously at odds about whether to renew my ticket, because the buying of players, coach and backroom staff seems to have no cohesion. The players seem afraid to play at Elland Road and there appears to be a lot wrong at the club.

"I appreciate it takes time for a team to get familiar with each other. But the team choices are woeful at times. Replacing Chris Wood with Lasogga - who has no pace or real aerial ability - seems to match the real aim of Leeds United; to keep us in the Championship

"I predict we will finish in the top 20, based on games played and very tough run-in. It is so disheartening seeing young fans so disappointed early in the season. Fans are now coming out of pure loyalty. Those numbers are going to fall. The arrogance of the club management, who decided to change our badge without consulting the fans, is indicative of what is happening.

"When Leeds are away or playing midweek, we watch Halifax Town, who are desperate for revenue. But the players have heart and play like they want to win.

"Leeds United were the first team I could say when asked as a little kid growing up in Bradford. They could never beat it out of me and never will. I keep the faith in Leeds United.

"I may well withdraw my financial support. Let's face it, this board have brought enough controversy to last a lifetime."