Cricket scoreboard



Sowerby St Peters v Triangle

Sowerby SP won by 1wkt. Sowerby SP 9pts, Triangle 4pts.

TRIANGLE 271 (reduced to 259).

S Senior c R Brook b Schofield 1

D Crosland lbw b Schofield 9

G Rodger not out 103

J Lord c Bruce b Schofield 117

T Sykes c Brown b Schofield 1

J Gledhill c Baxter b Schofield 0

K Whippey b Grogan 5

L Turner lbw b Schofield 4

A Kershaw b Schofield 1

D Turner c Stansfield b Grogan 20

R Cole not out 1

Extras 9

Bowling: M Schofield 19-4-101-7, G Grogan 15-2-88-2, L Baxter (jnr) 4-0-29-0, D Syme 3-0-21-0, L Bridges 4-0-23-0.


G Standeven c A Kershaw b Whippey 14

G Grogan b Whippey 24

M Bruce b Whippey 4

G Clarke lbw b Whippey 0

L Bridges b Whippey 23

B Hoyle b D Turner 82

J Brown b Gledhill 25

M Schofield not out 23

R Brook lbw b Gledhill 13

D Syme b Whippey 1

L Baxter not out 10

Extras 36

Bowling: K Whippey 17-1-112-6, R Cole 6-0-41-0, D Turner 7-1-59-1, J Gledhill 6.2-1-33-2.

Sowerby Bridge v Warley

Sowerby Bridge won by 4 runs. Sowerby Bridge 12pts, Warley 4pts.


N Bottomley c Helliwell b Dixon 11

J Rawson c Helliwell b Richardson 11

M Midwood c Whitehill b Dixon 0

L Duckitt c Richardson b Shannon 55

C Marsh b Shannon 23

G Keywood c Wheelwright b Dixon 5

M Whitworth c Wood b Richardson 6

D Auciello b Shannon 50

U Saghir c Richardson b Shannon 48

C Brennan b Shannon 1

R Keywood not out 0

Extras 10

Bowling: J Dixon 17-1-75-3, A Richardson 14-1-63-2, S Shannon 13.2-1-74-5,

SOWERBY BRIDGE 224 for six

T Helliwell c Saghir b Keywood 31

J Taylor b Auciello 4

N Whitehill c Midwood b Bottomley 53

R Price c Whitworth b Bottomley 11

A Richardson b Bottomley 2

M Mellor not out 42

C Whitehill b Midwood 19

J Wood not out 51

Extras 11

Bowling: L Duckitt 9-0-25-0, D Auciello 5.3-0-53-1, G Keywood 7-0-27-1, N Bottomley 13-1-67-3, M Midwood 9-1-47-1.

Jer Lane v SBCI

SBCI won by 152 runs. SBCI 12pts, Jer Lane 2pts.

SBCI 240

S Hincliffe b J Lister 35

J Summerscales c P Yeadon b J Lister 36

T Wood st G Sivyer b N Chowdrey 36

C Hyland b P Yeadon 40

C Potts c G Sivyer b N Chowdrey 0

T Conway run out 0

J Sykes lbw b P Yeadon 5

B Summerscales c N Khan b P Yeadon 48

M Hoyle c M Hustler b N Chowdrey 25

O Benson not out 0

L Hanson not out 0

Extras 15

Bowling: H Khan 11-2-48-0, J Lister 13-1-60-2, U Dawood 4-1-24-0, N Chowdrey 9-1-51-3, P Yeadon 8-1-46-3.


A Pinfield c T Wood b R Hanson 32

J Laban c&b R Hanson 9

M Hustler c J Summerscales b Sykes 3

J Lister lbw b R Hanson 13

N Chowdrey b J Sykes 12

J Waddington b R Hanson 0

U Dawood b R Hanson 0

G Sivyer b J Sykes 0

P Yeadon c J Summerscales b R Hanson 4

H Khan lbw b J Sykes 4

B Pullen not out 0

Extras 11

Bowling: O Benson 4-1-27-0, R Hanson 11-3-29-6, J Sykes 7.5-2-28-4,

Thornton v Bradshaw

Thornton won by 76 runs. Thornton 12pts, Bradshaw 4pts.

THORNTON 244 for seven

B King c&b S Collins 103

M Exley lbw b S Collins 33

N Hutchinson c C Shannon b S Collins 71

M Shanks c R Moore b A Buckley 1

J Hutchinson c R Saltburn b S Collins 12

G Soames b S Collins 1

O Dunn run out 2

R Parr not out 6

J Blencowe not out 0

Extras 15

Bowling: C Shannon 7-1-54-0, A Buckley 10-1-56-1, S Collins 14-1-71-5, L Broadbent 7-1-37-0, W Cotton 2-0-12-0.


N Jowett c O Dunn b J Hutchinson 16

R Moore b B Harris 34

S Collins c N Hutchinson b B Harris 23

W Cotton c sub b J Hutchinson 36

C Shannon b J Blencowe 9

E Mercer c M Exley b J Hutchinson 8

D Cotton c J Blencowe b J Hutchinson 0

R Saltburn c M Shanks b J Hutchinson 6

S Beck not out 12

L Broadbent b J Hutchinson 2

A Buckley b J Blencowe 8

Extras 14

Bowling: B Harris 15-4-35-2, J Hutchinson 13-1-62-6, M Clayton 7-1-32-0, J Blencowe 6.4-1-27-2.

Southowram v Booth

Booth won by 7wkts. Booth 7pts, Southowram 3pts.

SOUTHOWRWAM 181 for nine (reduced to 129).

P Veal c M Brown b O Collinge 22

I Uttley c Rob Laycock b Ric Laycock 13

D Crossley c M Brown b O Collinge 46

I Gledhill c R Worsnop b A Truscott 9

T Belfield c A Brown b R Laycock 49

M Scott c R Cockroft b O Collinge 3

A Measey b N Horsfall 8

D Parry b N Horsfall 0

A Johnson not out 5

A Robson c N Horsfall b R Laycock 6

I Hopkinson not out 8

Extras 12

Bowling: R Laycock 16-6-51-3, N Horsfall 10-4-38-2, O Collinge 12-2-56-3, A Truscott 7-2-26-1.

BOOTH 132 for three

R Worsnop b T Belfield 4

M Brown c A Robson b T Belfield 43

I Sharkey c D Crossley b A Johnson 22

Rob Laycock not out 39

R Laycock not out 15

Extras 9

Bowling: T Belfield 15-4-60-2, I Gledhill 6-2-18-0, D Johnson 15-1-27-1, M Scott 4-0-21-0.

Blackley v Copley

Copley won by 98 runs. Copley 8pts, Blackley 0pts.

COPLEY 249 for two (reduced to 151)

C Dennison c D Houldin b P Dowle 16

O Thorpe c I Mir b P Dowle 113

J Clarke not out 104

C Taylor not out 1

Extras 15.

Bowling: B Sheraz 19-3-80-0, P Dowle 11-0-59-2, T Greaves 9-2-51-0, I Mir 3-0-24-0 D Houldin 3-0-25-0.

BLACKLEY 76 for six

F Fox c I Hartley b O Thorpe 27

T Baxter c Maslak b R Turner 0

J Baxter c&b O Thorpe 0

B Hawksworth not out 16

D Houldin c J Clarke b O Thorpe 4

J Stenson b M Seraj 18

I Mir c J Clarke b M Seraj 0

Extras 11

Bowling: R Turner 12-1-35-1, O Thorpe 7-3-17-3, C Dennison 4-0-6-0, J Clarke 2-0-8-0, M Seraj 2-1-3-2.


Queensbury v Old Crossleyans

Queensbury won by 14 runs. Queensbury 9pts, Old Crossleyans 3pts.

QUEENSBURY 187 for six

J Myers c Sykes b Dixon 1

J Priestley c Ford b Dixon 63

T Watson b Dixon 63

N Richardson run out 10

S Griffiths not out 33

J Bruce c Sykes b Reynolds 4

M Bruce run out 1

D Jack not out 0

Extras 12

Bowling: H Reynolds 12-2-46-1, R Dixon 20-8-72-3, M Jowett 6-1-21-0, J Pearson 2-0-16-0, S Browse 5-0-24-0.


M Jowett c Singh b Jack 34

R Manir c Myers b Jack 20

J Pearson st J Bruce b Jack 28

S Browse b Jack 18

R Dixon lbw b Singh 5

J Sykes lbw b Singh 11

Q Ayub lbw b Singh 27

H Reynolds c Sharples b Jack 4

M Browse lbw b Singh 0

D Ford not out 7

A Ramzan not out 4

Extras 14

Bowling: M Johnson 4-2-6-0, S Griffiths 4-2-23-0, G Singh 19-0-69-4, P Sharples 1-0-15-0, D Jack 17-5-47-5.

Greetland v Oxenhope

Oxenhope won by 53 runs. Oxenhope 12pts, Greetland 4pts.

OXENHOPE 255 for eight (reduced to 222)

L Dyson c J Kass b S Moody 55

C Bartlett c S Moody b M Mahboob 35

D Hopkinson c S Moody b M Mahboob 0

S Jackson lbw b S Moody 0

J Fleetwood c J Howarth b M Mahboob 2

D Tetley c J Kass b M Mushtaq 40

J Tetley c M Mahboob b L Goodall 35

T Tetley c M Mahboob b M Mushtaq 11

R Cusdin not out 27

A Bailey not out 32

Extras 18

Bowling: G Moody 8-1-36-0, T Mahmood 4-1-12-0, M Mahboob 9-0-51-3, S Moody 10-2-43-2, C Betts 4-0-35-0, M Mushtaq 6-0-35-2, L Goodall 4-0-27-1.


M Mushtaq c J Tetley b A Bailey 4

A Rauf c L Dyson b B Addison 26

N Hussain b A Bailey 0

T Mahmood b A Bailey 52

S Moody 12

J Howarth b L Dyson 0

J Kass b S Jackson 1

C Betts b S Jackson 0

G Moody c J Tetley b A Bailey 47

L Goodall not out 7

Extras 20

Bowling: A Bailey 13-3-31-4, J Fleetwood 9-2-39-0, B Addison 6-3-19-1, L Dyson 6-1-41-1, S Jackson 4-0-19-2

Mytholmroyd v Low Moor.

Mytholmroyd won by 3wkts. Mytholmroyd 12pts, Low Moor 5pts.


M Mills c Sutcliffe b Mahmood 62

A Croasdell c Greenwood b Mahmood 101

C Holdworth lbw b Mahmood 3

C Harrison c Sutcliffe b Mahmood 2

N Wood lbw b Mahmood 0

R Speight c Astin b J Earle 14

C Green lbw b Mahmood 0

B Williamson lbw b Mahmood 16

G Scarborough b J Earle 1

M Haley not out 5

D Matthews b J Earle 1

Extras 23

Bowling: J Earle 13.2-5-36-3, T Greenwood 9-1-45-0, C White 6-0-35-0, Z Mahmood 13-1-58-7, A Gawthrope 30-0-30-0.

MYTHOLMROYD 231 for seven

T Earle c Speight b Wood 45

D Townsend lbw b Green 16

A Gawthrope st Harrison b Matthews 12

J Cowens b Haley 69

T Greenwood b Haley 42

C Overend lbw b Haley 0

L Sutcliffe not out 16

Z Mahmood c Harrison b Green 2

C White not out 8

Extras 21

Bowling: C Green 8-0-57-2, D Matthews 7-1-39-1, B Williamson 4-0-46-0, M Haley 7-1-44-3, N Wood 5-1-24-1.

Northowram HT v Clayton

Northowram HT won by 43 runs. Northowram HT 9pts, Clayton 4pts.

NORTHOWRAM HT 259 for six.

M Kirkbride c Evans b Wilson 15

D Klemm c Smith b Metcalf 19

R Saghir b Metcalf 0

A Stocks b Bickers 56

C Metcalf b Wilson 78

N Hall c Evans b Wilson 49

G Severn not out 22

C Conroy not out 5

Extras 15

Bowling: Wilson 20-6-84-3, Metcalf 10-2-44-2, Mistry 5-0-25-0, Bickers 9-0-72-1, Hustler 1-0-20-0.

CLAYTON 216 for eight

C Ramsden c Hall b Saghir 41

T Evans c Fearnley b Gardner 33

D Smith c Scott b Saghir 4

J Slater c Severn b Gardner 25

J Hustler b Saghir 0

S Wilson b Gardner 30

J Robertshaw c Scott b Saghir 7

P Ashcroft not out 51

J Metcalf c Hall b Saghir 6

M Mistry not out 5

Extras 14

Bowling: Gardner 23-4-97-3, Fearnley 7-1-41-0, Saghir 15-1-71-5.


Denholme Clough v Shelf

Denholme Clough won by 6wkts. Denholme Clough 9pts, Shelf 4pts.

SHELF 200 for nine

J Marshall b Waterworth 25

L Butterfield c Waterworth b N Armitage 12

C Wolfenden lbw b Waterworth 14

A Dimbleby c Raistrick b Waterworth 10

S Priestley c Holland b N Armitage 10

N Patefield c Wilcock b Waterworth 32

B Patefield c Raistrick b Waterworth 8

C Coates c Raistrick b Waterworth 25

L Crowther not out 29

G Watmough b J Holland 4

R Ramsden not out 19

Extras 12

Bowling: B Waterworth 23-5-83-6, N Armitage 10-2-45-2, B Weatherhead 7-1-44-0, J Holland 5-0-25-1.

DENHOLME CLOUGH 201 for four

M Price c Priestley b Crowther 28

B Weatherhead c Priestley b Patefield 63

A Dobson b Patefield 0

R Goldwater lbw b Patefield 9

J Holland not out 57

B Waterworth not out 12

Extras 32

Bowling: R Ramsden 7-1-41-0, G Watmough 5-0-27-0, N Patefield 11-3-51-3, L Crowther 7-1-36-1, S Priestley 4.3-0-29-0.

Augustinians v Wibsey Park Chapel.

Wibsey PC won by 8wkts. Wibsey PC 12pts, Augustinians 2pts.


R Mitton b P Fenton 0

M Basheer b P Fenton 2

J Mitton c Brown b P Fenton 10

L Mellor b A Beesley 32

U Nandanker b P Fenton 82

S Khan c Brown b S Fenton 0

L Cadore c Ravenscroft b Winn 20

N Mian run out 11

B Hanif c Hassall b Winn 2

R Cherkupally run out 0

R Harrison not out 1

Extras 4

Bowling: P Fenton 9-2-27-3, R Winn 15-5-35-2, A Beesley 5-1-46-1, R Hassall 1-0-13-0, S Fenton 10-1-42-2.

WIBSEY PC 125 for two

R Hassall b Nandankar 36

C Brown c Mian b Harrison 24

A Beesley not out 44

S Tomlinson not out 11

Extras 10

Bowling: M Basheer 8-2-34-0, R Harrison 7-1-34-1, J Mitton 5-0-25-0, U Nandankar 5-0-15-1, N Mian 1-0-5-0, L Mellor 0.4-0-4-0.

Outlane v Bridgeholme

Outlane won by 5wkts. Outlane 12pts, Bridgeholme 4pts.


K Hudson c C Brook b A Shokat 12

C Kibble c&b A Shokat 4

M Abid c B Crawford b A Shokat 5

M Basharat c G Roberts b S Ainley 71

S Ramzan c D Crosland b A Shokat 8

O Challis c D Crosland b N Crosland 32

Z Abbass b N Crosland 32

M Asif lbw b N Crosland 0

S Mahmood not out 13

T Mahmood b N Crosland 1

A Ditta not out 2

Extras 12

Bowling: A Blagborough 7-3-14-0, A Shokat 15-5-55-4, D Proctor 8-3-16-0, N Crosland 8-1-35-4, S Ainley 7-1-63-1.

OUTLANE 159 for five

T Bennett c Z Abbass b S Mahmood 0

D Crosland not out 49

C Brook c&b S Mahmood 7

B Dickens run out 8

S Ainley b S Mahmood 0

A Davies c&b T Mahmood 63

A Blagborough not out 25

Extras 7

Bowling: S Mahmood 10-3-23-3, A Ditta 12-1-55-0, M Asif 4-0-23-0, T Mahmood 4-0-31-1, O Challis 2-0-12-0.

Stones v Stainland

Stainland 193, Stones 110-1 - abandoned due to rain. Stones 5pts, Stainland 4pts.


Drakes Premiership

Elland v Hall Bower

Elland won by 10wkts. Elland 6pts, Hall Bower 0pts.


W Mohammed c Goulden b Green 8

S Rashid lbw b Ingram 32

I Latif run out 2

J Ahmed b A Finn 19

W Swift c Ingram b Goulden 23

S Dyson c&b Ingram 0

B Robshaw c Ingram b Goulden 0

M Shanawaz run out 2

C Sykes c&b Goulden 4

G Foster c Renshaw b Ingram 2

D Crings not out 0

Extras 8

Bowling: I Younas 12-4-35-0, W Green 8-4-11-1, A Finn 7-2-15-1, L Ingram 11.3-4-16-3, C Goulden 8-2-16-3.

ELLAND 101 for none.

N Lockley not out 51

P Winrow not out 48

Extras 2

Bowling: M Shanawaz 9-2-32-0, G Foster 6-0-24-0, S Dyson 4-0-27-0, C Sykes 1.3-0-16-0.


Premier Division

Mirfield PC v Northowram Fields.

Mirfield PC won by 5wkts.


R Larner c D Winn b M Zeb 27

T Marsden c M Rounding b B Drake 36

J Waterson c M Blakeley b B Drake 49

M Gilliver b B Drake 7

S Aujla b M Padgett 16

J McCartney b B Drake 4

J Sharp b B Drake 6

Z Khan c T Gunarathne b M Padgett 16

J Bennett Keer b B Drake 13

C Thompson c D Hope b M Padgett 1

P Bower not out 1

Extras 13

Bowling: M Zeb 12 4-43-1. D Hope 10-0-41-0, B Drake 14-5-50-5, M Padgett 12.2-1-46-3.

MIRFIELD PC 190 for five.

D Winn c J Bennett Keer b Z Khan 2

M Rounding c R Larner b Z Khan 12

T Gunaranthe not out 72

M Padgett b C Thompson 22

D Bolt c&b C Thompson 10

D Jackson c J Sharp b J Bennett Keer 43

N Parkinson not out 4

Extras 25

Bowling: P Bower 11-1-62-0, Z Khan 8-1-27-2, M Gilliver 7-1-31-0, C Thompson 6-1-38-2, J Bennett Keer 5-0-19-1, J McCartney 2.3-0-8-0.


Division One

Lightcliffe v Woodlands

Woodlands won by 86 runs. Woodlands 18pts, Lightcliffe 4pts.

WOODLANDS 183 for eight

S Richardson c A Gorro b C Greenwood 23

S Frankland lbw b M Ashraf 0

S Mason c M Horne b M Ashraf 6

S Piercey lbw b M Ashraf 0

C Brice st M Horne b S Khan 37

G Soames lbw b S Khan 16

T Orrell not out 52

S Ahmed c C Taylor b S Khan 26

U Salim b C Greenwood 5

P Swanepoel not out 5

Extras 13

Bowling: C Greenwood 15-5-44-2, M Ashraf 9-2-27-3, J Wheatley 12-1-47-0, S Khan 14-3-53-3


A Lees b S Ahmed 0

C Taylor lbw b Swanepoel 0

A Stead b Swanepoel 4

C Roebuck c S Richardson b S Ahmed 15

A Gorrod c S Frankland b S Ahmed 9

S Khan c S Piercey b P Swanepoel 3

J Wilson not out 31

J Wheatley c S Richardson b C Brice 9

M Ashraf lbw b C Brice 15

M Horne c G Soames b C Brice 4

C Greenwood c S Frankland b S Richardson jnr 0

Extras 7

Bowling: S Ahmed 9.1-5-17-3, P Swanepoel 10-4-24-3, S Richardson jnr 3.2-1-3-1, G Soames 6-0 0-33-0, C Brice 8-4-16-3.

Division Two

Brighouse v Keighley

Keighley won by 38 runs. Keighley 15pts, Brighouse 5pts.


J Beetham c M Senior b D Dunkerley 6

F Pearson c C Maloney b A Ladak 5

T Stead lbw b D Dunkerley 12

M Davidson c C Maloney b A Ladak 0

S Bailey lbw b A Ladak 5

J Wilkinson not out 39

I Patel lbw b U Salim 21

A Hussain b U Salim 0

S Hartley c D Dunkerley b W Smith 0

M Sohail c T Majid b U Salim 0

J Stead lbw b U Salim 0

Extras 2

Bowling: A Ladak 14-4-28-3, D Dunkerley 14-3-49-2, U Salim 3.3-1-2-4, W Smith 3-0-9-1.


M West c J Wilkinson b A Hussain 0

D Walsh c&b A Hussain 44

C Maloney c F Pearson b M Davidson 0

U Salim c J Wilkinson b J Stead 0

W Smith b J Stead 0

D Dunkerley b M Davidson 0

M Senior c J Wilkinson b A Hussain 2

T Majid c&b A Hussain 0

Z Hussain c J Wilkinson b M Davidson 2

A Ladak not out 0

C Firth c I Patel b A Hussain 0

Extras 4

Bowling: M Davidson 10-4-14-4, J Stead 7-0-22-2, A Hussain 3-1-13-4.


Division Three

Illingworth v Skipton.

Illingworth won by 53 runs. Illingworth 4pts, Skipton 2pts.

ILLINGWORTH 237 for nine

S Stevenson c G Owens b Z Khan 0

R Farrell-Smith c K Nelson b G Owens 30

C Cook run out 20

V Brooksby c R Walker b G Summersgill 104

J Lawton b G Owens 4

L Brooksby b G Owens 0

A Ledger b G Williamson 52

D Danvers not out 7

N Sewell c G Summersgill b G Williamson 0

S Thompson b G Williamson 2

L Kelly not out 1

Extras 17

Bowling: Z Khan 15-4-53-1, I Beck 4-0-9-0, A Fergie 10-1-43-1,G Owens 11-3-60-3, G Summersgill 6-0-42-1, G Williamson 4-0-16-3.

SKIPTON 184 for seven.

G Summersgill lbw b L Kelly 35

G Owens b L Brooksby 9

K Nelson b S Stevenson 42

K Walker b K Brooksby 35

I Beck c&b S Stevenson 12

D Holderness b L Brooksby 4

L Facey not out 19

Z Khan c S Stevenson b L Brooksby 0

A Facey not out 16

Extras 14

Bowling: L Brooksby 15-2-44-4, A Ledger 9-1-29-0, S Stevenson 15-4-39-2, L Kelly 7-1-43-1, S Thompson 4-1-20-0.