Football club’s pitch battle with mole hills

Mole hills at Bellholme football pitch in Walsden.
Mole hills at Bellholme football pitch in Walsden.

An amateur football club in Todmorden is embroiled in a turf war - with a group of moles.

More than 70 mole hills have been dug on Todmorden Borough’s Bellholme pitch, forcing the club to postpone their match against Kendal County on Saturday.

Despite efforts to remove the mole hills with a shovel and wheelbarrow, and then a piece of wood dragged behind a tractor, the holes couldn’t be removed.

Club officials were also worried about the risk to health caused by droppings from 12 to 15 geese.

Manager Craig Milnes said: “It’s an absolute nightmare.

“There must have been 70-plus molehills - I have never seen anything like it.”

Borough contacted the league and were given special dispensation to use the club’s junior pitch.

The club now face the task of trying to ensure the pitch is playable for Furness Cavaliers’ visit in Division Two at the weekend.

They were bringing in extra help this week to try to remove the mole hills and leave a flat pitch.

They were also considering putting lines of tape across the pitch to deter the geese.

Borough haven’t played at home since they beat Milnthorpe Corinthians 3-0 on November 22.

They have completed only five home games all season, having had a couple of postponements following the invasion of hundreds of geese.