Bates takes control of Leeds United

Ken Bates
Ken Bates

Ken Bates has become the major shareholder of Leeds in a move that means the ownership of the club is no longer a mystery - even if the issue of who has owned them for the last six years still remains shrouded in secrecy.

Bates, the club’s chairman, has bought out Switzerland-based firm FSF Limited through his company Outro Limited, Leeds confirmed in a statement.

Leeds say they hope the move will bring an end to “scaremongering” about the club’s ownership and “delivers the transparency sought”.

An inquiry into football governance by a committee of MPs has put Leeds’ ownership under the spotlight and the Premier League had said they would require full disclosure of the shareholders of the three offshore trusts that had owned FSF Limited.

Leeds said no individual owned more than 10 per cent of any of those trusts, which meant they did not have to provide further details.