Disastrous two days for England

What is it about English international sporting teams?

On Friday the footballers were cruising to victory in Montenegro, conceded a goal and crumbled.

And to add insult to injury Wayne Rooney failed to use what little sense he has and kicked out at an opponent, got sent off and will now miss the start of Euro 2012.

Less than 24 hours later the rugby union team started well against France, conceded a try and crumbled, looking like one of the third rate sides they had beaten in the group stages of the World Cup.

Mike Tindall had already set the tone for the competition with his bar room antics, three others insulted a hotel worker and Manu Tuilagi trumped the lot by jumping from a ferry in Auckland the day after their exit from the competition.

We had all assumed that Fabio Capello would be stepping down after next summer’s tournament, although that is now in doubt after the FA hinted he could be allowed to nurture the new generation of players.

I suggest he goes now and we get in someone who knows what he is doing and costs a quarter of the price, but that’s just me.

Martin Johnson’s future is about as clear, with calls for him to go countered by the RFU bods who have no desire to change - and quite frankly never have.

The appointment of ‘Johnno’ as we are all supposed to affectionately call him, was done for one reason only - to try to emulate the success of Sir Clive Woodward.

He was no coach either, but he was a great facilitator, bringing in the best team to ensure England had the best chance of winning the World Cup.

Johnson has a large team around him and, according to reports, they are the ones who look likely to bear the brunt of the fallout.

Surely if you are appointed by the man at the top he should take some responsibility too.

Australia and New Zealand’s rugby league teams will arrive here soon to prove which one of them is the best team in the world.

There will of course be two other teams competing, with England and Wales set to finish third and fourth - in that order.

The kangaroos and Kiwis have been blighted by injuries in the build up to the tournament and will travel minus a raft of top class players.

They will still have enough in hand to reach the final, of that there is little - or as we like to call it no - doubt.

So it had me wondering whether there was any point in sending them halfway round the globe to prove who was the best when they could do it in Sydney or Auckland.

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Four Nations - the least carbon friendly tournament in the world.

Wales getting through to the last four of the rugby union World Cup - and possibly beyond - could be bad news for rugby league in the Principality.

In my experience, the 13-a-side code has always helped fill a void when the 15-a-side boys have struggled.

Good luck Crusaders and Scorpions in Championship One next year.