Dover 0-2 FC Halifax Town: Fans Panel verdict

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Here is the verdict of the Fans Panel after FC Halifax Town’s 2-0 win at Dover on Saturday.

Adam Heslop

Man of the match - Obviously Cameron King gets this for, not only his two goals, but for his effort throughout the whole 90 minutes. He showed this evening why he should be in the starting eleven next week.

Moment of the match - King’s second goal and securing the three points was certainly the moment of the match after a very nervy second half.

Moan of the match - Nothing to moan about this week, the team played well, got three points and kept a clean sheet. Only annoying thing was the kick off time being changed so will get home at around 1am!

Kit Walton

Man of the match - Cameron King knows how to play football, and Pete Wild gets the best out of him. Every team needs a creative player who can make things happen, and Cameron certainly fits the bill. He makes space for himself, and passes the ball superbly.

Moment of the match - King’s second goal, which fooled the Dover goalkeeper all ends up. It actually seemed the ball might bounce over for a minute, but it went in just under the bar. The perfect time to score as well.

Moan of the match - I remain concerned that we defend as deeply as we do on occasions, but having said that, the players seem comfortable with it. From the terraces, it just looks like we are under the cosh, but no-one has conceded fewer goals than us, so I’ll put up with the personal panicking for now.

Rob Brown

Man of the match - Sam Johnson. Although Cameron King’s two goals dominated the headlines, Sam Johnson did a terrific job defending the Shaymen‘s half-time lead. His save from Dover’s free kick midway through the 2nd half was top class.

Moment of the match - Cameron King’s early goal was the key moment; it gave the Shaymen a massive boost whilst putting the home side on the back foot.

Moan of the match - The BT sport commentary team are a right set of jokers, how they could suggest that King’s swecond goal was lucky is beyond me. They need to give the team the credit they deserve.