FC Halifax Town 1-2 Chesterfield: "We gave it everything" says proud boss Wild

Town manager Pete Wild said his side gave it everything in their 2-1 defeat to Chesterfield at The Shay as Halifax failed to make it into the play-offs.

By Tom Scargill
Saturday, 29th May 2021, 3:38 pm
Updated Saturday, 29th May 2021, 3:42 pm
Pete Wild. Photo: TS Media
Pete Wild. Photo: TS Media

Nathan Tyson's winner earned a top seven finish for Chesterfield after Darren Stephenson had cancelled out Liam Mandeville's opener.

"We've given it everything haven't we, we've absolutely given it everything we've got," Wild said.

"It wasn't to be, and that's what you get (from the) officiating at this level, it's not a goal and we're on top, and we look like we're going to score, and you get a ridiculous decision like that.

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"That just kills your momentum.

"But we've got to take our chances, if we take half the chances that we create as a football team, we'd be top goalscorers.

"I think that's what's let us down over the last few weeks, but to a man, every member of staff, every player, has given everything they've got today.

"Fans have got to go home with optimism today that the club's going in the right direction, we play decent football, we're on the front foot and it was a really good game."

Wild said he was proud of his players after their efforts.

"Massively, proud of the club because what the club has had to do to get the fans back in today, what the staff have done throughout the season, what the players have given throughout the season, another top ten finish isn't to be sniffed at," he said.

"I know we all want to be in the play-offs, I get that, I know we're all frustrated we're not in the play-offs, yeah I understand that, but when we all sit back and reflect over the next couple of weeks, Halifax Town are now fighting at the right end of the table.

"When we came in we were 17th and going nowhere.

"I'd like to think the club's now on the up off the pitch, one the pitch and fans, players and staff are all pulling in the same direction.

"That's the proudest bit of today I think."

Wild felt his team did enough to win the game.

"We were by far the better side, we penned them in their own half most of the game," he said.

"You've got to track the runner for the first goal, and it's an absolutely scandalous decision for their second.

"But we've got to take our chances.

"The bittersweet thing is we wouldn't have got in anyway.

"But we wanted to sign off with a win in-front of the fans, I was desperate for that, to give them something to smile about, and that frustrates me."

Town supporters were back in the Shay for the first time this season for the match.

"It was class, I thought they were brilliant today," Wild said.

"I know we've had our moments over the last two years but I thought they were phenomenal today, I thought they drove the team forward, their positivity was fantastic and I really enjoyed having them here today because I felt relaxed, I felt good having them here."

When asked what he said to his players after the game, Wild said: "I just thanked them, a phenomenal effort.

"We've just gone through three months of seven, eight games a month - that's ridiculous, whatever people say about professional footballers, seven, eight games a month is relentless.

"You're up and down the country, it's mentally draining, and they're trying to take in the information you're giving them, they're trying their best to do things.

"They've been a pleasure to work with this year, I've really enjoyed this group, I think they've given everything they've got, they're willing to try anything, they play decent football, we always look a threat."

On why his side ultimately came up short in the race for the play-offs, Wild said: "Our home form, let's not get away from that, it hasn't been great, especially recently.

"It's a by-product of how we play that we concede more goals than we did last year, but we need to take our chances.

"We create so many chances, week after week after week.

"I wanted progression this year, and there's clear progression, we've got an identity, we've got a style about us, we've got a way of playing that I really like, we've got three or four different systems.

"That could never have happened unless we worked hard at that this year, as players and staff."

The Town boss says talks are set to take place next week with his squad.

"This weekend's about going to spend some time with our families, get away from football," he said.

"I'm spent, I've got nothing more to give, the players have nothing more to give, so go and spend some time with our families and then we'll discuss the future next week."