FC Halifax Town 2-2 Boston United: "I thought we were excellent for 75 minutes," says Wild

FC Halifax Town manager Pete Wild said he was pleased with "an excellent afternoon's work" after his side's 2-2 draw with Boston at The Shay.
Pete WildPete Wild
Pete Wild

Town were the better side and were deservedly 2-0 up thanks to Kieran Green and Jake Hyde, until individual errors by trialists helped Boston draw level in the second-half through Jordan Thewlis' penalty and Jordan Burrow.

"I thought we were excellent for 75 minutes, I thought you saw some real pictures of how we want to play, how aggressive we want to be in how we play," said Wild.

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"Let's be honest, we could've scored five or six today, and if we had nobody would've begrudged us doing that.

"We created chance after chance, corner after corner, we've played football in their half, we've been on the front foot.

"A really excellent afternoon's work from the players.

"Yes, we've had a mad ten minutes and a couple of mistakes from a couple of trialists, but so what?

"The big take home messages today are you've really seen more than a snapshot of how we're going to play and how aggressive we're going to be with and without the ball."

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Wild is remaining cautious, with the season yet to begin, but is encouraged by what he is seeing from his players.

"Don't get me wrong, it's a pre-season game so I'm not getting carried away.

"We've just got to do it when there's three points on the line," he said.

"But to say we've had three weeks on the training ground with them, the stuff the lads are implementing for us is more than pleasing.

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"We've got a group of players that want to listen, want to play to a structure, but when they do, they've got licence to go and express themselves.

"You're really seeing that now. Even when we had the mad ten minutes, what was pleasing was that we got ourselves together and finished the game nice and smoothly, nice and calmly and got control of the match again.

"From 75-85 it was a mad spell, but then we saw the game out with a good, competent structure, so that really pleased me as well because it could easily have run away from us and got daft.

"Barring two mistakes it's been an excellent afternoon's work."

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Wild says he is satisfied to see his work with the players in training transferred to the pitch.

"It's nice to know that we're getting our information across in the right way," he said.

"But we've got to keep building on it.

"We saw snippets at Guiseley, we've seen more than snippets today, but we've got to go into our game next week ready to go again."

Hyde, Jack Senior and Matty Stenson were all taken off with injuries, which are due to be assessed early next week.

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"We've had a couple of knocks, bumps, pulls, that need assessing on Monday morning," Wild said.

"We've had a tough three weeks, we've gone after it to make them fit and you can see they're fit.

"We just now need to make sure we manage load and manage the players appropriately, and we don't go over the top with them.

"We'll assess the lads who had to go off. Two or three of them were precautionary, one was a worry."