FC Halifax Town 2-2 Sutton United: "I think we've been by far the better side," says Wild

Town manager Pete Wild says his team were by far the better side after their 2-2 draw against leaders Sutton.

Saturday, 27th March 2021, 5:54 pm
Updated Saturday, 27th March 2021, 6:00 pm
Pete Wild. Photo: Marcus Branston

"We've had enough chances to win about three games of football today," said Wild.

"Apart from the last 20 minutes when we gave them a bit of hope and they started playing boom ball into our box, I think we've been by far the better side.

"We've controlled the game, I never felt threatened by them, I never felt like they were going to open us up, I thought we defended well.

"But if they keep throwing that amount of bombardment into our box and keep booming it into our box, law of averages says you might get something and they have unfortunately.

"But I'm really happy with my players, I thought they showed character, I thought we dominated the top of the league.

"I could go in there and start having a go about not defending our own box, not taking our chances, but it's not the time of the season to do that.

"We take the point and we move on. It's another point gained, we've got to look at it like that.

"It's 14 points from the month, an excellent return for the month and we move onto next month.

"If we can replicate that again next month then the lads have done really well."

Wild felt his side should have done better for both Sutton's goals.

"We've got to kill them off, we had chances to kill them off and we don't," he said.

"That makes it nervy when they score.

"We've got to win first contact on the corner, win second contact on the second one, unfortunately we haven't.

"In open play they haven't opened us up once. We've been done off two set-pieces, off the second phase, which is frustrating.

"But it's a point gained and we must move on because if we play like that every week we're going to win more than we lose."

It was something of a patched-up Town side, with Neil Byrne starting at right-back, Niall Maher in central midfield and Jeff King at right-wing, all of which have not been their regular starting positions this season.

"I think you can see the character this team's got, whatever's asked of them they do it and get on with," Wild said.

"I think that's probably the most pleasing thing as a manager, they do it, but not only that, execute it excellently well.

"We're frustrated they've come back but this is the time of the year not to start throwing your toys out of the pram, it's the time of year to galvanize and it's the team that rides the bumps the best will get over the line."

On Earing's substitution just after his goal, Wild said: "Jack's been feeling his hamstring probably about five minutes before that so the worry was, you leave him on and it goes, and we didn't want it to go.

"So when the second goal went in it was a good time to bring him off, we thought, but then you're playing lads out of position again to try and get over the line."

Jake Hyde came off the bench in the game after his recovery from injury.

"He's recovered quicker than we thought, and when he goes on he gets hold of it, brings others into play and we look a threat," Wild said.

"I was excited watching him and Billy play together, I thought that could be imperative for the run-in."

When asked about the possibility of Hull loanee Billy Chadwick's deal being extended to the end of the season, Wild said: "Hopefully we'll have something to say this week.

"We just need to get a few things sorted so hopefully we'll have something to say this week."

And on any further additions to his squad, Wild said: "We're trying, but unless it says free next to it, it's a tough ask.

"We're hopeful of lads coming back in the next 10 days so if our numbers get back up to what they should be then we've got some exciting players for the run-in."