FC Halifax Town: Commercial director Williams pleased with Shaymen's progress off the pitch

Commercial Director John Williams says he is pleased with the club's progress off the pitch, and that it's heading in the right direction.

By Tom Scargill
Friday, 28th January 2022, 8:27 am
John Williams. Photo: Marcus Branston
John Williams. Photo: Marcus Branston

Williams joined The Shaymen in June last year, having been head of partnerships at Huddersfield Town for seven years.

And he says business is thriving for Town.

"It's been fantastic, there are business that are supporting the club who haven't been involved with the club before, but they've bought into what we're doing and where we want to go," he said.

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"The latest one we announced was Grand Central Rail, who are a former front-of-shirt partner. I've worked with them before and they're keen to do a lot with the club moving forward.

"Hospitality-wise, we want to get more and more in. The games in February are really busy, which is great.

"Obviously we're one game light due to Macclesfield's demise and we only had one game over the festive period rather than two, which are traditionally good attendances, so that was frustrating.

"But most of those that were coming moved to other games.

"The hospitality board is looking healthy from a sponsorship and match day guest perspective.

"There's a good vibe around Halifax right now and this shows with businesses wanting to join us and be a part the plan.

"You go round the town and people are talking about it, there’s such a good atmosphere in the banqueting suite whenever we win and to be fair when we don’t.

"I'm speaking to other businesses, one of which is done and will probably be announced next week.

"The pipeline is healthy and I'm really pleased where we are.

"I'm looking at more matchday events as well, for example, the Christmas Roast we had, which was a really great day.

"It not only raised money for charity but a great event for the club.

"It was the first time we’d put together a Christmas Roast and we'll do that again.

"I'm organising something towards the end of this year as well where we'll do something similar, so there's a lot going on.

"I'm pleased where we are."

Williams says income has increased since he joined thanks to brand new partnerships.

"That's revenue into the club straight away, as well as new faces and new businesses into the club," he said.

And Williams says there are lots of plans in place for further commercial activity.

"When I first joined, me and Pete wanted to do an on and off the pitch forum, which we did in town," he said.

"We promised we'd do one towards the end of the season, and we will do.

"I'm planning for next season already. My focus is not just hospitality, but signing up long-term partnerships with businesses around the HX postcode.

"They're key to us becoming the business hub of the community. I still use that phrase every week when I speak to people, because businesses supporting their local club is massive.

"But I need more. I've got a vision, I'm not there yet but I'm getting there.

"Ben (Bottomley, Williams' predecessor in the role) brought these relationships on and they've carried on being part of the club, they continue to support us.

"I'm trying to bring in new revenue and a new focus.

"The reputation of the club is great. People want to support you in any way they can, even if it's just matchday dining, they want to come and put money into the club."

While it remains to be seen what happens on the pitch over the rest of the season, Williams says the club will be kept extremely busy off it.

"For me, it's just to keep going," he said.

"I can't affect what happens on the pitch.

"The three home league games in February are packed, and the last three games are also busy

"It's testament to everybody that's been supporting the club over the years that they continue to back us as well as the new partners, advertisers and pitch partners that are supporting us moving forward, thank you for everything you do for us. Anyone that wants to have a conversation please feel free to get in contact."