FC Halifax Town fans hit out over ticket price offer for rival supporters

FC Halifax Town fans
FC Halifax Town fans

FC Halifax Town fans have spoken out over a ticket price offer for rival fans that will only have to pay half price to watch the next home game at The Shay.

Season-ticket holders at all Premier League and Championship clubs can attend FC Halifax Town’s Shay clash with Solihull on Saturday for half the admission price.

Fans of local sides including Huddersfield, Leeds and Burnely can see the game against promotion-chasing Solihull for £10 if they bring their season-ticket with them, but the admission price for Halifax supporters on the day remains at £20.

Halifax have made the offer with clubs in the top two divisions not having a game this weekend due to the international break.

However, the move has sparked disgruntled fans to speak out over the offer.

Commenting on the Halifax Courier Facebook page Trevor Kaidenkhali Crouch said: "That's why I refuse to go for the level of football - £20 is just not value for money at all and doing stuff like this is just going to make even more fans not want to go."

Jordan Tolley commented: "Whilst I get that the club is taking some initiative to try and increase the gates, it frankly takes the Micheal when you get fans who have been going for donkey’s years who never get extended any reductions on their season tickets or admission.

"Clubs like Huddersfield are one of our competitors (off the pitch, obviously) - it’s bad enough that they advertise their tickets outside our ground sometimes, now we’re giving their supporters preferential treatment. Poor form Town."

Mark Farrar simply said: "Who has lost there marbles this time - shameful."

Stephen McNamara said: "I would go watch on a regular basis if it was reasonably priced however for the standard of football it isn’t."

Glynn Mitchell could see the thinking behind the offer.

"I can understand why there will be objections, however, I do think it's an incentive to put " bums on seats" so to speak and hopefully town can put a bit of a show on," he said.

"Let's face it Huddersfield fans sadly haven't had much to cheer about this season."