FC Halifax Town: Fans Panel season preview

FC Halifax Town
FC Halifax Town

We've convened our FC Halifax Town Fans Panel for a special season preview ahead of The Shaymen's big kick-off this Saturday.

Town supporters Kit Walton, Rob Brown and Andrew Mann give us their thoughts on the club's new manager, pre-season and the campaign to come.

Kit Walton

What do you think about the appointment of Pete Wild as manager? Apart from what's been reported, I know very little about him. Suggestions are that he likes to play attacking football, which will make a refreshing change (assuming the players can understand it).

What have you made of Town's pre season? Successful results wise, but we are about six players short of what's required.......and the pitch gives cause for further concern.

Who will be Town's key man this season? Much depends on Tobi Sho-Silva, who will be leading the line. I am told he is strong and has pace, but he will need to score more than a few goals as well.

What would be a successful season? Only a top seven spot will do. Like a lot of other Town fans, I don't like the thought of mediocrity. Whether this constitutes reality, a dream or a pyramid of emotion remains to be seen.

How do you think Town will fare? I honestly think we'll surprise a few people and do really well. The nucleus of the team is in place, and I have confidence that Pete Wild can bring in the players we need to fill the gaps.

Rob Brown

What do you think about the appointment of Pete Wild as manager? Judging by the comments from the Oldham Athletic fans, Pete Wild sounds like a well considered and potentially exciting prospect. His comments in the media sound realistic and he seems fully aware of the challenges ahead. He sounds like he recognises the contribution the supporters can make to the team and has a good knowledge of last year’s performances and what improvements can be made. Overall, he gets the thumbs up from me.

What have you made of Town's pre season? The build up has obviously been disrupted by the previous manager leaving and the problems with the pitch. The results never really mean anything, it’s all about getting the team ready for the first league game. That said, the club have retained the key players from last season so I’m sure the team will be competitive from the first day.

Who will be Town's key man this season? Matty Brown is the key man this season, he demonstrates real leadership and commitment to the cause. If he’s fit all season, the team will do well.

What would be a successful season? Based on the bookmakers’ odds, the club will be in a relegation battle by the end of the season; they’re not often wrong either. I think a successful season would be to have a good home record with a few of the top teams in terms of budget losing at the Shay. Any improvement in our league position from last year would be great, especially if we have a good cup run too.

How do you think Town will fare? I think Town are really up against it in terms of size of playing budget but have an ambitious new manager. Many of the teams that finished above Town last season were similar in ability but perhaps had less draws. If the new manager plays more attacking football the team could finish higher up the league but may lose more games than last season. I’m expecting a 15th place finish.

Andrew Mann

What do you think about the appointment of Pete Wild as manager? I'll be honest at first I wasn't convinced. We've had a few young inexperienced managers in recent years who haven't lived up to the talk but on hearing his interviews and the overwhelming positive comments about him from Oldham fans I'm hopeful he'll be a good choice.

What have you made of Town's pre season? I think pre season has frankly been a disaster on the whole. Not one friendly at home going ahead, perhaps the council's fault not the club's but still not good. A long wait for signings and still hardly any confirmed. The Frickley friendly postponed without any reason given and obviously the resignation of the manager all adding up to a very poor pre season.

Who will be Town's key man this season? I think keeping the defence together has been crucial for Town, so rather than highlighting one key player I'd say Johnson, Clarke and Brown will be very important to how the season unfolds.

What would be a successful season? I'd say anything that improves on last year, when in the end we were one point off a top half finish I believe. If we can turn a few of last seasons many draws into wins we should move in the right direction.

How do you think Town will fare? My prediction for us would be something around the 17th place mark. I think the defensive strength of the team will keep enough clean sheets to avoid relegation but we don't seem to have much goal threat unless we bring a few more players in. I'm sure Pete will do his very best and I'm fully behind him and the team and can't wait for the season to start!