FC Halifax Town: Matty Brown column

Matty Brown
Matty Brown

I’m delighted to be writing a new weekly column for the Halifax Courier, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

This is my fifth season now at FC Halifax Town and I feel I have an affiliation with the fans and the club.

The people are similar to scousers, and the upbringing I’ve had which is a very working class background.

The minute I came here I felt at home and I feel I’ve played my best football here.

When you’re doing well you do get interest from elsewhere. I spoke to Matty Kosylo and told him the grass isn’t always greener.

The club wanted to show some loyalty to me by offering me a new contract and as soon as I knew they wanted to extend it, it was a no-brainer. I’m absolutely delighted. My family love coming to the games, they get really passionate. It really was an easy decision, I love playing for the club and it does mean something to me.

I think that’s important at clubs because that concept is being lost nowadays.

You see a lot of players roaming from club to club just picking up money, which is fine, everyone’s got to pay the bills, but as an Everton fan, I used to think ‘well, if the players are Everton fans, why can’t they show a bit of loyalty?’

That does come into it with me, rightly or wrongly, or whether it means I lose out on more money elsewhere. I’ve got standards and I’ve been brought up with morals.

There’s the possibility of me staying for a third year on this contract, which would take me until I’m 32.

I’m not looking towards that being the end - I only have to look at my centre-back partner Nathan Clarke who’s still going strong at 35 and getting better.

I’d like to see out my career at Halifax, and I really want to get this club back into the league. That is my personal objective as skipper, because I know how much it would mean to the club, to the fans and to everyone involved.

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