FC Halifax Town: "We've got a mutual respect between the staff and the players" - Pete Wild on his first month in charge at The Shay

Pete Wild in charge of training with FC Halifax Town
Pete Wild in charge of training with FC Halifax Town

FC Halifax Town boss Pete Wild says the club's staff and players have already forged a strong working relationship.

Saturday's home game with Fylde will mark Wild's first month at the helm at Halifax, which has seen him take charge of six games, including the friendly with Oldham, and oversee the completion of their new-look squad.

When asked what he had learned from his time at the club so far, Wild said: "Sleep's not a priority! The league's quite similar to League Two, no team in this league is going to roll over, you saw that on Saturday.

"Aldershot haven't started the greatest but they gave us a tough game.

"My mantra is 'do the simple things well' and if we do that, we'll do alright.

"I've got a really good squad, good young lads, a mixture of that and experience, lads that look you in the eye when you ask them to do something, and they do it.

"That goes an unbelievably long way as a coach.

"And we've got a mutual respect between the staff and the players. Over this last month we've built what I think is a massive trust in the dressing room between us and the players.

"And I think you're seeing on the pitch that that trust is starting to come, they're trusting us with our plan, we're trusting them to go and deliver on a Saturday and go and express themselves.

"It's early days but what an excellent set of young lads I've got."

Wild is delighted with the club's training facilities on the outskirts of Leeds.

"The facilities are excellent, really good, probably better than my previous club which was in the Football League," he said.

"We really like them, it's a really good home for us and I'm really pleased the club have made a commitment to make sure the facilities are the best for the players."

This is the first week Halifax haven't had a midweek game since Wild's appointment, and he says on a typical game-free week, the squad would be training four days a week.

"Players are on different plans, but mostly all the players are in four days a week," he said.

"Two of those would be spent on our performance plan and individual work, making sure we make individuals better as well as the team.

"And then the other two days generally are at the back end of the week - one day is spent on out-of-possession in terms of how we're going to prepare to stop them, and then Fridays are all about us and how we're going to hurt them and how we're going to win on the Saturday."

Wild said the team will tend to stop off somewhere on the Friday before a Saturday away game to train.

"Last week we stopped at Oxford United, we've got some good friends there and they let us train at their training ground," he said.

"With the training ground being in Leeds and the club being in Halifax, it's really difficult to train and then travel so we just try and get on the road early doors and then beg, steal and borrow at clubs I've got a pal at that will let us train there."

Town will be working towards a monthly point target this season, something which the players will be setting themselves.

"If somebody says 'right, you need to get 80 points, everybody goes wow, right, OK'. So all we do is break it down into monthly targets," Wild said.

"But it's not me coming in and dictating 'you need to get these points this month', they (the players) set it, so then it's all about them and they can decide how many points they want.

"It's worked in the past for me. I feel like it gives everyone a focus on where we're at and how we want to do, and they live and die by that target.

"But we're all buying into it, and we're well on our way to where we want to be."

An addition to Town's pre-match routine is the team and backroom squad going into a huddle after their warm-up.

"I've seen other managers do it," Wild said. "I'm desperate to get a connection with the fans and make sure everybody at the club has that connection.

"It's us focusing in on that last little bit of me going 'right, are we ready' and that's me done at quarter to three.

"And it's a case of showing our appreciation for the fans, little things like that go a long way, and it's us trying to come across that we're all in this together and there are going to be tough times, but we've all got to stay together and make sure we work hard."