FC Halifax Town: "We'll wait for the right opportunities" says Wild on any potential further signings

Town manager Pete Wild says he will wait for the right opportunity before making any further signings.

Sunday, 22nd August 2021, 10:31 am
Updated Sunday, 22nd August 2021, 10:32 am
Pete Wild and Chris Millington

The Shaymen added five players to their squad last week, signing goalkeeper Aidan Dowling on loan from Blackburn, defenders Javid Swaby-Neavin, Jesse Debrah and Tyrell Warren and striker Gerry McDonagh.

On 20-year-old centre-back Debrah, Wild said: "Jesse's a young defender that's got some great attributes, we've been looking for a centre-half for a while and we were looking for a ready-made one.

"We've not been able to do that at the moment, so we've brought Jesse in. We know we need to work on him and get him better but he's got really good attributes in the air, really good pace and had a really good grounding at Millwall, so we're really pleased to get him because we think he's another young player we can make better."

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Wild added: "He's been with us for the last three weeks, he played at Guiseley, and he's fitted into the group seamlessly.

"He's great as a person around the club and in the dressing room, and they're the type of people I want here, good people."

Wild gave Swaby-Neavin, who can play at right-back or left-back, his debut at Oldham in May 2019.

"I've know him for years, since he was about 13, and he's a young lad who's got all the attributes to be a good, modern full-back," said Wild.

"He's got areas to work on but we've brought him on because we think he meets the demands physically and hopefully technically."

On former Manchester United defender Warren, Wild said: "He was the next big smoke at Man United, things haven't gone his way recently but he can play right-side centre-half or right-back.

"He's got loads of attributes, he just needs to get back on the right track.

"All these three players are players where we've changed our mindset of 'we can't get them, so let's work in a different way to get different people'."

All three have been signed on short-term deals.

"The only reason for the short-term is we haven't seen them in enough games to make a judgement on them," said Wild.

"Our budget's small here and we have to make sure that everybody we bring in is worth what we want from them, so we just want to be sure before we start handing out a year or two year contracts."

The trio are on month-to-month deals, but Wild says there is no reason why all three couldn't earn longer contracts.

"They will be to start with but we'd like to think that they'll crack on from there."

On former Nottingham Forest and Barnsley forward McDonagh, Wild said: "If I can get him back to where he was, we've got a right player on our hands. Everybody we speak to says 'you took a gamble on him, but if you get him right what a player he is'.

"So we're hoping to get him firing, back, sharp where he needs to be, and if we do, then we've got some player on our hands."

Wild added: "He's been toying with clubs, and then the season was curtailed last year etc.

"It'll probably take six to eight weeks to get the best out of him, starting, but he's certainly well worth the man off the bench and he'll hopefully show that in the coming weeks.

"He's something different in terms of being someone to play into, and it gives us a different option if we want to play a different way."

And on Dowling, Wild said: "We need to have two goalkeepers in the building, we can't just kick it into one net at training.

"It's great experience for him, it's another relationship, with Blackburn, and hopefully he enjoys his time with us.

"It'll be reviewed every month, if Blackburn feel he needs to go back because they want to progress him on, then fine, and if not then we'll just bump him on as we go on."

Asked if that is that for new signings, Wild said: "At the moment. We've still got some budget left, and we don't want to blow it all now, we'll wait for the right opportunities to sign the right people, and hopefully that'll come soon."