Aldershot 3-0 FC Halifax Town: We under-performed, says Town boss

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Town boss Jamie Fullarton said his side under-performed individually and collectively after their 3-0 defeat at Aldershot on Saturday.

First-half goals by Adam May and Adam McDonnell were added to shortly after the interval by Jake Gallagher to condemn Town to defeat, despite The Shaymen creating some good chances of their own.

“We lost goals at important times of the game which made it very difficult, even though we created a number of chances and didn’t take them,” said Fullarton, who felt his side should have done better to prevent Aldershot’s build-up play which led to their goals

When asked if he thought the scoreline flattered Aldershot, Fullarton said: “I think so over the piece of the game but it doesn’t really matter whether the scoreline flatters a team or not.

“We under-performed individually and collectively for our standards, and lost poor goals from our point of view at times in the game that influenced and changed the dynamic of the game.”

Fullarton felt the timing of Aldershot’s goals had a big impact, with May and McDonnell scoring inside the first 21 minutes, and Gallagher adding the third a couple of minutes after half-time.

“The timing of the goals impacts your game-plan and what you’re trying to do.

“Whilst the score flatters them, and whilst we had clear-cut chances, at 2-0 in particular, but when you’re 2-0 down after 21 minutes and in the manner we lost the goals, that’s disappointing for us,” said Fullarton.

“But we’re still in the game at that point, but unfortunately, the third goal then influences the game.

“And it’s from mistakes that could be eradicated, and where we shouldn’t be putting ourselves in that position.

“I don’t think it was 3-0 game, I didn’t think it was a classic and I think we under-performed and lost goals that could have been prevented at bad times in the 90 minutes.”

When asked in what way he felt his players under-performed, Fullarton said: “Application and attitude, and whether the timing of the goals influenced or impacted them, I’m not so sure.

“For me to turn around and say what makes players or any individual do something under pressure in a game when we’ve already got something set-out, how to deal with it, it’s a difficult question for me to answer.

“Today, the timing of the goals definitely had an impact on our ability to get something from the game, which has meant we’ve come away with no points.”

Aldershot scored from their only three shots on target, while Town spurned some good opportunities to find the net.

“I’m not going to paper over cracks with stock answers or cliches,” Fullarton said..

“They had three shots on target and three goals, we had one off the line, one off the post, two clear headers - (had they gone it) it would have been a different game, of course it would.

“But ultimately we still got no points, so each individual has to do a little bit better and a little bit more, and understand what the expectation and demand is.”

Fullarton added: “You’ve got to add balance to it. Whilst everyone surrounding the club tends to go peaks and troughs, I’m trying to stay balanced.

“Can we get performances which are behaviours in what we do, to then get a regular outcome, which is winning three points?

“We’re 15 games in and there’s 46 games in the league, so it’s remaining balanced, continuing to work as hard as we are on a daily, weekly basis, so that, come Saturday, we are fully prepared mentally, physically, technically and tactically, in every aspect, and in a good position to go and win games.”