Aspin unhappy after last-gasp loss to Chester

Neil Aspin
Neil Aspin

Neil Aspin was left fuming after Town conceded a ‘diabolically’bad’ goal to lose late on at Chester on Thursday.

Town drew level in stoppage time thanks to James Bolton’s equaliser, but Chester then went up the other end and took advantage of hesitancy between Bolton and Matt Glennon to snatch a dramatic win through substitute Jamie Menagh.

That came after Craig Mahon put Chester ahead 10 minutes into the second-half following Josh Wilson’s controversial red card before the break.

Aspin said: “I’m obviously frustrated, very disappointed, I think the players have put in a lot of effort with 10 men, got back into the game and it’s just a diabolically bad goal to concede.

“It just spoils all the hard work the players have done. I’ve said what I needed to say to the players and I’m very frustrated.

“I’m disappointed for the supporters who’ve come but we have to go onto the next game, you can’t dwell on it, it’s a kick in the teeth and it feels as bad as any game we’ve lost this season.

“But unfortunately if you give goals away like that then you’re not going to win or draw games.

“I’ve only seen the second goal once but there just looked like so many errors in the goal and I think it’s ended up with Matty Glennon and James Bolton leaving it for each other and neither of them dealing with it and the player’s nipped in and scored.

“James has got a knack of coming up with goals but he’s going to be disappointed at the goal at the other end so all his glory’s been taken away.

“It’s nice for him to get on the scoresheet but it’s all been spoilt with the goal we conceded.

“It’s really disappointing but we’ve got to bounce back and do what we’ve been doing all season and turn it round in the home game.”

The Town boss was also angered at Wilson’s dismissal shortly before half-time - the third time Town have seen red in front of the BT Sport cameras this season and Wilson’s second red card of the campaign.

Aspin said: “I’ve just said to the referee if that’s deemed as a dangerous tackle then I think we might as well all pack up and stop playing football.

“I was pretty close to the incident and it’s one of the worst sendings-off I’ve ever seen.

“I just can’t believe he could get sent-off for that challenge and, I realise the game’s changed over the years, but that’s just ridiculous.

“We’re getting so many sendings-off this season for innocuous things. If we were a dirty team or if we deserved to get sendings-off you’d hold your hands-up but I can’t see that’s the case.

“I think we should try and appeal it, I’ll need to speak to the chairman, but at the end of the day the ref has to admit he’s made a mistake.

“It doesn’t matter what I think, it’s what he thinks. He’ll look at it and make his decision.

“We showed with 10 men in the second-half that we could do well so with the extra man I’d have expected us to go on and definitely get something from the game.

“But the 10 men did well, we changed the shape, went to three at the back so we could push forward and not sit back and obviously we got our rewards with the equaliser.”