Ebbsfleet 4-0 FC Halifax Town: Fans Panel verdict

FC Halifax Town
FC Halifax Town

Here is the Fans Panel’s verdict on FC Halifax Town’s 4-0 defeat at Ebbsfleet on Saturday.

Rob Brown

Man of the match - A difficult one this week as nobody looked good against a mediocre Ebbsfleet team. Niall Maher showed he wasn’t happy with the shoreline by trying to rally the team late on so he gets the award this week.

Moment of the match - Without a shot on target it’s again difficult to highlight any moment of action from a Halifax Town point of view. Ebbsfleet’s first goal gave them encouragement and confidence but it should have been disallowed for a blatant hand ball.

Moan of the match - How can a team play so well on a Tuesday night and then so poorly a few days later?

Kit Walton

Man of the match - It was astonishing how many of our “reliables” had off-days today. Defenders Jacob Hanson, Matty Brown and Ryan Sellars all had games to forget, but Nathan Clarke did his best under difficult circumstances, so I’ll give him the award. Midfield and attack had precious little to offer, failing to create a single chance worthy of the name.

Moment of the match - The first goal, which was apparently guided into the goal by the striker’s arm, an offence the officials collectively missed. When you set your stall out for a goalless draw, you need to change tactics when behind. We seem uninterested in doing this, as we only have one plan.

Moan of the match - Our four centre halves continue to collide or get in each others way. How can we hope to get anything from the game when the midfield plays so deep and the fullbacks aren’t allowed to cross the halfway line? Everyone can see what’s going on, but our manager continues down the same old tried and failed route. Hopefully, our cup run will allow us to sign at least one “proper” midfielder, assuming we want one!

Adam Heslop

Man of the match - Jacob Hanson was the best of a poor bunch today. Not sure if they were saving themselves for Saturday but a very disappointing performance.

Moment of the match - Ebbsfleet go ahead in the first half when both teams are looking to put pressure on. Looked like a clear handball to me but the linesman didn’t see that, or anything else.

Moan of the match - Having postponed Tuesday’s match, they should have done the same today. I’m sure they’ll play better next week - we paid to travel and see them today!