FC Halifax 1-2 Hartlepool: Fans Panel verdict

FC Halifax Town
FC Halifax Town

Here is the Fans Panel’s verdict after FC Halifax Town’s 2-1 defeat against Hartlepool at The Shay on Saturday.

Andrew Mann

Man of the match - Sam Johnson, pulled off some excellent saves and kept Town in the game. Our best player by far on the day.

Moment of the match - Brown’s red card, must have been an off the ball incident as nobody seemed to see it. Town were still in the game before it but a mountain to climb after it.

Moan of the match - What was Kosylo thinking? On a yellow card already for dissent yet again decides to go and crunch the player who’d scored the pen. It was so obvious it was going to happen and meant the game was over. Totally mindless, even if he got the ball with, with the follow through it was always going to be a second yellow.

Kit Walton

Man of the match - It can only be referee Daniel Middleton. It would appear we had all paid our money just to watch him, and he certainly gave an unforgettable performance. Just let me know when he’s coming round again! It was a shame he hogged the limelight, as Jacob Hanson had a smashing match, defending well and getting forward when he could, even scoring our goal.

Moment of the match - Not just a moment, but all the remaining time following our goal. Eleven-man Hartlepool desperately wasted time against nine-man Town, running the seconds down in a determined attempt to hold out. Just another part of a truly farcical second half.

Moan of the match - I have to believe the referee was cheating, because otherwise he would have been impossibly inept. His inconsistent and one-way decisions were truly baffling. Mind you, this is a man who recently allowed Wrexham to substitute a player who had been sent off! Get him in a big top, and bring on the dancing horses!

Rob Brown

Man of the match - Sam Johnson, Sam made a number of decent saves during the game, especially in the second half with the team down to nine men. Without Sam’s contribution the nine men wouldn’t not have been looking for an unlikely equaliser in stoppage time.

Moment of the match - 90th minute, the team did us all proud by pulling a goal back with only nine men. Credit to Hanson for a cool finish too. It was great to watch Hartlepool being forced to waste time with a two man advantage.

Moan of the match - I don’t mind red cards, I don’t mind seeing the team lose, what a don’t like is not knowing why the referee changed the game and ultimately the result. The referee has got to make the paying spectator aware of the reason for his decisions during the game no matter how right or wrong they are.