FC Halifax Town 0-0 Aldershot: Fans Panel verdict

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Here is the verdict of the Fans Panel after FC Halifax Town’s 0-0 draw against Aldershot on Saturday.

Adam Heslop

Man of the match - Nathan Clarke was one of the few players who seemed to put effort in during Saturday’s match, most others seemed disinterested which is disappointing for the fans paying to see them every week.

Moment of the match - My moment was when I had my picture taken on the pitch with the two teams who won the Adam Heslop Cup. These players were really excited and clearly passionate about football, they can score goals too!

Moan of the match - Quigley look like he might eventually score but for some reason was taken off and replaced with a midfielder. Why we have signed another midfielder is anyone’s guess, as we desperately need a striker.

Andrew Mann

Man of the match - James Hardy, came off the bench and showed some nice touches, passes and turns. Also managed an effort from the edge which whilst not troubling the keeper, at least showed attacking intent.

Moment of the match - The decision to bring Quigley off for Hardy was baffling. Great to give the new lad a game but when you’re at home to a side in form as dire as Aldershot are and it’s 0-0 why take off the only striker on the pitch and replace him up front with a very ineffective Preston for a while?

Moan of the match - Yet again against a poor side we’ve barely tested the keeper, the second half I don’t think he had a shot to save. The defence is more than adequate but why play Maher and Berrett infront of them in every game? We need more attacking intent so surely play Ferry or Hardy in there?

Rob Brown

Man of the match - Nathan Clarke. There weren’t many players who stood out on Saturday in a dour game. Clarke looked assured at the centre of defence and helped ensure another clean sheet.

Moment of the match - I’m stumped this week for anything memorable or decisive; there were few chances for either side, I can remember a decent save or a real goal scoring opportunity. The referee blowing the final whistle was perhaps the best thing that happened, at least it’s another point on the board.

Moan of the match - Too many of the players lacked enthusiasm or urgency against perhaps the worst side to visit the Shay this season. There were far too many corners and throw-ins in the first half where my granny would have got the game moving faster. It was more high tea than high tempo.

Kit Walton

Man of the match - Referee Martin Woods was the best man on show. Our players’ body language tells us their hearts aren’t in this way of playing, and of the outfield ten, only Clarke, Brown and Quigley (in the first half) still believe. The rest have lost faith, and one player had his worst game for the club; a performance promptly described as “exceptional” by the management!

Moment of the match - Just one nice move in the entire 90 minutes, so it has to be that. A decent cross in from the left, and Quigley has a good header saved beneath the bar.

Moan of the match - The management keep implying we are getting somewhere near, but they couldn’t be more wrong. The philosophy seems to be that it hasn’t worked in 25 games, so it must work next time! Why they don’t try something different is beyond me, because at the moment neither the team nor the fans have a clue what Mr Fullarton is trying to achieve.