FC Halifax Town 0-0 Braintree: Fans Panel verdict

FC Halifax Town
FC Halifax Town

Here is the verdict of the Fans Panel after FC Halifax Town’s 0-0 draw at home to Braintree.

Andrew Mann

Man of the match - By a country mile Jacob Hanson, solid at the back and a few very good runs forward. The only player who can be proud of his display.

Moment of the match - Brown’s yellow card in the opening few minutes. It looked to me the Braintree player was clean through and it should’ve been a red. Imagine how bad the game could’ve got for us if we had ten men...

Moan of the match - Very disappointing that we created so little against bottom of the league, who in fairness could’ve won the game. With quite a few attacking players on the pitch I think we were all excited and expected so much more.

Adam Heslop

Man of the match - Jacob Hanson, our ‘new’ signing stood out, he was clearly trying to create something but other players didn’t seem interested in getting the ball in the box.

Moment of the match - The final whistle has to be the highlight of the afternoon, it was a relief to hear. We could have played for 24 hours and still not scored.

Moan of the match - The defence worked well but a team that doesn’t shoot doesn’t score. Sitting back and playing for a draw won’t do and the fans seem to be leaving in droves.

Kit Walton

Man of the match - As usual, it was the heart of the defence where the fighting spirit emerged. Even though Brown and Clarke were both booked, they were far and away the best Shaymen on show. A special mention must be made of Matt Kosylo, who seemed desperate to do well. He shows far too much inspiration for this team, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the rumours of him being sold for a pittance were true.

Moment of the match - More a “period” actually. The last 15 minutes were a total embarrassment, as the league’s bottom team realised we were there for the taking, throwing men forward in an attempt to take the points. We could learn something from that.

Moan of the match - If it isn’t good, you want it to be entertaining. This was neither, as Town went through the tried and failed motions once again, without a single shot on target. You would think after taking points from three games against top teams we might look confident. Ferry has now been converted to a defensive midfield role, playing 20 yards too deep. We make no attempt to play to players’ strengths - precisely the opposite actually. In a word, pathetic!