FC Halifax Town 0-1 Eastleigh: Fans Panel verdict

FC Halifax Town
FC Halifax Town

Here is the verdict of the Fans Panel after FC Halifax Town’s 1-0 defeat to Eastleigh at The Shay.

Adam Heslop

Man of the match - Again the only player who stood out and showed quality was Jacob Hanson, we will be in trouble if he goes back to Bradford.

Moment of the match - Edwards missed a great opportunity to score when he was one-on-one with the keeper. As an out and out striker he just isn’t good enough.

Moan of the match - Too many players not showing passion and seem to be ‘just there for a wage’. The chairman needs to dig deep and pay for a quality striker who can put the ball in the back of the net. That is the only way the crowds are going to come back.

Kit Walton

Man of the match - Dayle Southwell impressed me again, although why he continues to be played out of position is beyond me. We can’t score for toffee, yet our top striker languishes on the halfway line. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Moment of the match - Southwell puts Edwards clean through with a delightful pass, but Edwards slows right down and allows himself to be tackled, not for the first time this season. It was shameful under the circumstances. He will probably be a decent player in a couple of years, but can we wait that long?

Moan of the match - Since it was changed to three points for a victory, league tables tend to be a virtual list of the number of wins gained by each team. Draws make little or no difference. Our manager seems happy with a few draws, but in reality they are of little use. You either win or you don’t win, and that lays our recent form bare for all to see. I don’t like the crowd booing at the end, but I understand their frustrations.

Rob Brown

Man of the match - Sam Johnson, Sam made two or three decent saves in the first half of the game and even managed to get a hand to the Eastleigh header than won the game. Without Sam’s efforts the defeat would have been far worse.

Moment of the match - 64th minute, Jonathan Edwards was clean through on goal with just the goalkeeper to beat. He looked odds on to equalise for the Shaymen but with all the time in the world, he managed to dither for long enough for the a Eastleigh defence to stop him shooting. It generated the biggest groan of the day.

Moan of the match - In this day and age it’s normal that the management team share their views on the game. It doesn’t send out a good message to the fans when they refuse to comment on the performance. C’mon, stand up and be counted Fullarton!

Andrew Mann

Man of the match - Cameron King. Good to see him getting game time, rarely gives it away, always wants the ball. One of few creative players in the team.

Moment of the match - In a game where Town didn’t have a single shot on target Staunton blazing the biggest chance of the game over the bar was a huge moment.

Moan of the match - Still no subs being used despite us desperately needing a goal, we made one due to an injury but otherwise there was never going to be any changes it seemed.