FC Halifax Town 1-2 Ebbsfleet: Fans Panel

FC Halifax Town
FC Halifax Town

Here is the verdict of the Fans Panel after FC Halifax Town’s 2-1 defeat to Ebbsfleet at The Shay.

Andrew Mann

Man of the match - Collins by a mile, constantly trying to play the ball around, tackling and moving. Shame the others didn’t do the same.

Moan of the match - After such a positive performance away at top of the league we then play a mid table side at home and go back to the same awful long ball style that hasn’t worked. Very poor all round.

Moment of the match - Denton is clearly fouled in the first half and the referee gives it the other way and hooked him, meaning for the rest of the game he had to be very careful and virtually nullified his threat.

Kit Walton

Man of the match – Plenty of decent play in the first half, but no-one really deserves it over the 90 minutes. Michael Collins kept going longer than most, so I’ll award the honour to him again this week.

Moment of the match – An instinctive save by Ebbsfleet’s Ashmore from Denton’s belting header kept the game goalless and prevented Town getting the lead they deserved early on. Or did the ball just hit him?

Moan of the match – Not for the first time this season the opposition changed tactics at half time and left us floundering. Our short passing game worked fine in the first half, but once Ebbsfleet closed us down we couldn’t adapt. The effort is there, but without guidance we’ll continue to struggle. No hurry to appoint a new manager? You’ve got to be joking!

Rob Brown

Man of the match - It’s difficult to identify any player who had an impact for full 90 minutes. Matty Kosylo had a good first half but disappeared in the second half. I’d have to give him man of half the match.

Moment of the match - The Shaymen had plenty of chances to win the game in the first half, perhaps Tom Denton’s 16th minute header from a corner was one of the best chances that got away; the ball hit the goalkeeper anywhere else and Denton would have scored.

Moan of the match - Ebbsfleet were not a great side, some slack defending in the second half gifted the game to the visitors. The team need to do better.

Adam Heslop

Man of the match - Micheal Collins was the only players who showed composure throughout the match. He was constantly looking for movement up front but there was nobody there.

Moment of the match - Kosylo’s penalty was a highlight in a vibrant first half for town. They just need stamina to continue this for 90 minutes.

Moan of the match - Whether it’s a lack if manager or just the low confidence of the team but their heads went down when they went behind as if there was no belief they could pull it back.