FC Halifax Town 3-3 Eastleigh: Fans Panel verdict

FC Halifax Town
FC Halifax Town

Here is the verdict of the Fans Panel after FC Halifax Town’s 3-3 draw against Eastleigh.

Adam Heslop

Man of the match - Jake Hibbs showed why he deserved his place in the team. He has pace, ability to pass accurately and can take a free kick. Only Heath knows why it’s taken this long to get him on the field but surely he has to stay there now.

Moment of the match - Their goalkeeper getting sent off really opened the door for us to get back into to game, and the team didn’t disappoint. They gave everything to equalise; they are clearly eager to please their manager.

Moan of the match - The usually solid Sam Johnson kicking away the ball to get his first yellow card was not needed, then to tackle like he did has left the team without their first choice goalie next week.

Kit Walton

Man of the match – Even though he should have scored, Josh Wilde had a decent game overall. Unfortunately most of the team left their shooting boots at home, which led to us failing to beat the worst opponents (by far) we have faced this season.

Moment of the match – Sam Johnson carrying the ball into his own net. He claimed he was pushed, but he is getting caught out too often. It set the pattern for a shaky defence throughout.

Moan of the match – Ill discipline again. We are easily bottom of the “fair play” table, and though Billy Heath complains about suspensions, whose fault is it but his own? I have no problem with us competing, but it’s about time the Manager sorted his players out. They regularly show dissent, tackle recklessly and foul off the ball. All Town fans know that if there’s a challenge the team don’t like, half of them will fly in and get involved. Quite simply it’s disgraceful and it’s costing us.

Rob Brown

Man of the match - Scott McManus - Had his best game since his injury, scored his first goal since Wembley too. He was full of energy and really kept the team going. Jake Hibbs had a great game too, where’s he been hiding??

Moment of the match - 74th minute- just after Tom Denton scores to make it 2-3 the Eastleigh goalkeeper gets himself booked for a second time for wasting time. Eastleigh we’re lucky to escape with a draw after that.

Moan of the match - Nothing to moan about, great entertainment from start to finish.