FC Halifax Town: Fullarton pays credit to his players after superb start

Actions from FC Halifax Town v Maidstone United, at The Shay. Jamie Fullarton
Actions from FC Halifax Town v Maidstone United, at The Shay. Jamie Fullarton

For Halifax boss Jamie Fullarton, the biggest reason for Town’s terrific start to the season can be summed up in one word: players.

The Shaymen go into Saturday’s clash with fellow high-flyers Leyton Orient just two points off top-spot having gained 17 points from a possible 27 so far.

Town have only lost twice in their first nine games, while only Wrexham have a better defensive record in the National League.

When asked how has the start been achieved, Fullarton said: “Players. Players who are responsive, who take responsibility, who have a resilience and a willingness to listen, learn and believe and trust.

“There’s loads of words and phrases there that can be classed as buzzwords, but ultimately, people believe what they see.

“Therefore, when you say as a coach ‘if you do this, and this is why’ and they get success and results individually and collectively, then you get buy-in, along with the types of players we have that go to the well every time they play.

“With that, you have a real genuine opportunity to win games. And when you go into every game feeling you can win, including Tuesday night, then you put yourself into a real good position to win the game.

“I think the performance and attitude throughout showed that belief and confidence that we can win the game.”

Fullarton is looking forward to Saturday’s clash with second-placed Leyton Orient at The Shay, but is using his own team’s standards as a benchmark for success rather than the strength of their opponents.

He added: “Every game is a tough test, every game asks you different questions.

“Who you have to please and satisfy is the standards you’ve set, irrelevant of opposition.

“So whilst it’s going to be a difficult game, it’s an exciting game.

“I know I’d rather be sitting near the top vying for that top place, than going into the game scrambling and fighting for points.

“So therefore it’s a different sort of response you’re looking for, but it’s a case of shoulders-back-chests-out.

“The players have a belief and trust among themselves because nine games in, they’re showing characteristics over and beyond what a coach can give them, and that you need as ingredients to be successful, and success is improving on last year.”

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