FC Halifax Town: How did The Shaymen fare in the price of football survey?

The Shay Stadium, Halifax
The Shay Stadium, Halifax

FC Halifax Town have the most expensive replica shirts in the National League, a BBC price of football survey has revealed.

The £49.95 and £42.95 prices for adult and junior shirts respectively mean Halifax are the only club in the league to charge more than £40 for an adult shirt, while only Blackburn have a more expensive adult shirt of all the clubs outside the Premier League.

Their price for junior shirts is the most expensive outside the Premier League.

In a comparison of the cheapest available season ticket at every club, Halifax have come off worst with the most expensive of the lot.

But when it comes to each club’s most expensive season-ticket, fans at 14 other Conference clubs pay more than Halifax, who are the only club to offer a single, fixed-price season-ticket.

Town’s charge of £3 for a programme is on a par with most other Conference clubs, but only three clubs offer a cheaper pie than Halifax and only one club has a cheaper cup of tea.