FC Halifax Town: Search for new manager at The Shay starts today, says Bosomworth

The Shay Stadium, Halifax
The Shay Stadium, Halifax

David Bosomworth says the search for a new manager starts today (Sunday) but isn’t expecting an appointment to be made before Saturday’s game at Welling.

Caretaker-manager Gareth McClelland, who Bosomworth says the club want to stay on in his role as chief scout but who is not putting himself forward for the managerial vacancy, took charge of Town’s 2-2 draw with Southport on Saturday after the club parted company with Neil Aspin on Thursday.

Bosomworth said the club had so far received a “deluge” of applications, about 36 of which they would be seriously considering, who will be trimmed down into a short-list of potential candidates.

Speaking after the draw with Southport, the Town chairman said the board were focused on the process of replacing Aspin.

“That job starts on Sunday because we’ve got a meeting to talk about where we want to go,” he said.

“We’ve obviously discussed things before but prior to Neil departing we had nobody in mind.

“We said to Neil hand on heart that we’d not spoken to anyone and we haven’t.

“We’ve had a deluge if applicants.

“It’s not going to be a total rookie, it’s important to get somebody with the right managerial skills.

“But there are so many facets to the job and that’s what we’ve got to try and strive for - the one individual that has that special quality that might help us.”

But the Town chairman is open minded about making the first move in finding the right appointment.

“If we felt there was no-one appropriate on the list and there was somebody else that we would be interested in who may be with another club, then we’d approach that club properly and say ‘can we speak to the manager’,” he said.

Bosomworth also said he would be “surprised” if the new manager was in place for the Welling game next weekend.

“Everybody’s reaction may be ‘we need someone in by then’ but you can make a decision in haste and it’s wrong and you can make a considered decision and it could be wrong,” he said.

“But we’ve got to give it the best opportunity to make sure that applicants who are interested are getting their names across and then that we can make the right decision from there.

“It’s a long process, recruitment is not easy and there are no guarantees with anything.”

Bosomworth admits the club end up taking a take a step back before taking any steps forward following the departure of Aspin, but stressed the importance of picking the right man to replace him.

“We’ve tried to make a decision that is the best thing for the club going forward,” he said.

“In the short-term it might knock us back a step. We might hit the bottom of the table.

“But we’ve got to make our way back up as fast as we can.

“There’s no magic wand. We’ll do our best to find the most appropriate appointment we can that will help create the right environment and give us the platform to be able to progress again.

“It’s a very difficult league and a very diverse league in terms of finances.

“Everybody talks about our budget or our lack of budget. Well, there isn’t a lack of a budget.

“The budget is a good one but it isn’t that of Eastleigh, it isn’t that of Forest Green and it isn’t that of Grimsby Town.

“But I’m sure in terms of the league it’s about halfway up there in terms of budgets.

“So from our perspective we’ve got to be sure that whoever we bring in is able to get the maximum out of the players we have.

“If you look at the squad there are some good players and we’ve just got to get over this spell of the manager leaving after six seasons and somebody new coming in.

“In the interim period it’s very tough trying to keep everybody focused.

“It all takes time. We’ve got an extremely tough game against Gateshead then it won’t get any easier on Saturday.”

The Town chief admitted it had been a tough week for the club, but praised the job Aspin had done at The Shay.

He added: “Obviously it’s been a really difficult week because the last thing we want to do is make changes - we don’t make changes for changes sake.

“It’s a lot more work and it does create upheaval.

“But all we can do is try and make the decisions we feel may be for the best for the club, that’s all we’re trying to do.

“We’ve said that we’ve been delighted with the job Neil’s done.

“At the end of the day he can hold his head high. He’s done a really good job for us.

“But he was in his sixth season with us and sometimes you reach a period where it’s best for both parties that there’s a change. Only time will tell.

“I’m sure he’ll be back in football and there’ll be a lot of clubs after him.

“From our perspective we’re looking forward.

“We’ve got to do the best we can in the interim period. I’m very grateful to Gareth, Eddie (Haslam), Steve (Nichol) and Mark (Gould) who were here to look after the team and trying to keep us going forward.”