Former Town keeper escapes driving ban

FC Halifax Town v York. Matt Glennon
FC Halifax Town v York. Matt Glennon

Former FC Halifax Town goalkeeper Matt Glennon has avoided a driving ban after pleading his case in court.

Glennon already had 10 penalty points on his licence and was caught speeding at 56mph in a 40mph zone on Leeds Road in Rothwell last August.

But the former Bradford and Huddersfield keeper told Bradford and Keighley Magistrates Court that losing his licence would mean he would face “exceptional hardship”.

Glennon told the court his wife, with whom he set-up a hair salon two years ago, was unable to work after damaging a disc in her back and had since suffered from severe depression.

Glennon said she had been on morphine for nine months and was unable to drive as a result.

He said she was receiving treatment in Leeds but that it was difficult to get there from their home in Hepworth without the use of a car.

Glennon also said he would be unable to take his children to school if he lost his licence and was taking steps to lighten his workload, which he told the court included three jobs and a 50-hour week.

Magistrates allowed Glennon to keep his licence, giving him four penalty points for speeding, taking his tally to 14 points, and warning him that he would be banned if he did it again.