Guiseley 1-1 FC Halifax Town: Fans Panel

FC Halifax Town
FC Halifax Town

Here is the Fans Panel’s verdict after FC Halifax Town’s 1-1 draw at Guiseley on Saturday.

Adam Heslop

Man of the match - Not only did Sam Johnson pull off some excellent saves in the match, which kept the Shaymen in it, he also assisted on the goal. His long kick to Tomlinson made it easy for the striker to score.

Moment of the match - I have never been more pleased to hear the final whistle. The match was entertaining but the weather was bitter. There is something to be said for being an armchair supporter.

Moan of the match - I couldn’t understand how the home side’s number 19 was still on the pitch after his wrestling moves on McManus. Not sure whether I was seeing things or the wrong man was sent off.

Rob Brown

Man of the match - Sam Johnson, it wasn’t a great game to watch and conditions didn’t help. I’d have to give the award to Sam for a few decent stops and setting up the equaliser with some quick thinking. In truth, nobody really had a great game.

Moment of the match - Just before half-time the referee decided to send off Guiseley’s best player John Rooney. I’ve still no idea why but the decision changed the game. Well done ref!

Moan of the match - What was all the fuss of a pitch inspection all about? We drove over there expecting loads of snow only to discover that it hadn’t snowed at all. Granted it was very, very cold but c’mon, it’s a winter sport, get your string vest on if it’s too cold for you!

Kit Walton

Man of the match – Sam Johnson made his customary good saves, and also found time to set up Ben Tomlinson for his goal. An excellent all-round performance from our dependable goalie.

Moment of the match – This is a toss-up between Rooney’s red card following a clash with Macca (although I have no idea what actually happened), and Tomlinson’s goal. I’ll give it for the goal, because Tomlinson scored without the assistance of George the Shay announcer for the first time......

Moan of the match – Not our best performance, but considering it was Brass Monkey weather, and also that no-one near us other than Barrow got three points, then it’s acceptable. The longer our unbeaten run continues the better (although I might have just put the mockers on that now).

Andrew Mann

Man of the match - Collins for me, despite the awful conditions he still tried to play football but it was very difficult for both sides with the weather.

Moment of the match - Great finish from Tomlinson to get Town level, especially considering his long wait for a goal.

Moan of the match - Of the countless grounds I’ve seen town play at, Nethermoor is the one I enjoy visiting the least, the views for the Town fans are truly awful.