Havant and Waterlooville 2-1 FC Halifax Town: Fans Panel verdict

FC Halifax Town
FC Halifax Town

Here is the verdict of the Fans Panel after FC Halifax Town’s 2-1 defeat at Havant and Waterlooville.

Rob Brown

Man of the match - Jacob Hanson. By far the best player on the pitch, he looks assured on the ball and is certain to have a good career in professional football. The Shaymen need to retain his services for as long as possible.

Moment of the match - 49th minute, the Shaymen gifted Havant the first goal of the game. Sam Johnson made a right mess of a trying to catch a ball dropping under his crossbar and ended up in a heap in the back of the net. 1-0 to the home team and bye-bye to three away points.

Moan of the match - When Jamie Fullarton’s response to going 2-0 down is to bring on Sam Odelusi, you know there’s not much hope of getting back into the game. The bench is bare at the moment, injures are making a significant difference to results this season.

Kit Walton

Man of the match - With the defence struggling, an unbalanced midfield and an uncoordinated attack it’s increasingly difficult to name a man of the match. Jacob Hanson was probably our best player. He put in a decent shift - just a shame his teammates decided to have a collective off-day.

Moment of the match - It’s a long time since I’ve seen both goalkeepers throw the ball into their own net. I can’t decide between them, so it’ll have to be a joint award!

Moan of the match - It would be nice for the manager to shake things up, but when you look at our bench I hope he doesn’t. Unless we get some loan players in and start playing players in their correct positions, I’m afraid I can’t see things improving. At least now we’re out of the running for the league we can concentrate on the cup.

Adam Heslop

Man of the match - Just because he scored I’ll pick Maher, it gave the few travelling fans something to cheer for and that slight bit of hope we might salvage a point.

Moment of the match - Our usually solid keeper doesn’t seem to be on his game lately and when Johnson fumbled the ball into his own net it summed up our recent performances.

Moan of the match - I could go on all day but yesterday really highlighted our need for a striker. Edwards hasn’t scored for 16 games and we are only five points out of the relegation zone. The fans are getting disheartened and as one of the few travelling fans yesterday I feel changes somewhere are needed!