“I only score one a season, but it’s usually a good one!” says Hibbs

Jake Hibbs in action for Halifax at Harrogate
Jake Hibbs in action for Halifax at Harrogate

Jake Hibbs doesn’t score many goals, but when he does it tends to be in spectacular fashion.

The Town midfielder sealed Halifax’s place in the FA Cup first round with the second goal in their 2-0 win at Harrogate on Saturday when he scored from inside his own half.

With Harrogate pushing forward in search of an equaliser, keeper Peter Crook miscued an attempted kick back up-field and was left stranded on the halfway line.

Hibbs collected the loose ball before firing it into the net from just inside the Halifax half.

It maintains his record of one stunning goal per season after Hibbs’ effort last season when he scored a superb free-kick in the 4-2 home win over Grimsby.

Asked whether his goal at Harrogate was the best of his career, Hibbs replied: “Yeah, it’s got be hasn’t it! I think it was inside our own half so I’m happy with that one.

“Dents (Tom Denton) dropped back for the last five or 10 minutes and was heading everything away and I was playing the furthest forward just trying to chase everything down.

“I was thinking before the goal ‘this keeper’s a bit suspect’, he kept running out.

“So when he hit it up in the air and he didn’t close me down I thought ‘I’m just going to have a shot here’.

“I thought he was just going to come and wipe me out but he didn’t - he just peddled back, so I thought ‘I’ve got him here’.

“As soon as my first touch was alright, I thought ‘I’m just going to have a dig’ and luckily it went in.

“I usually only score one a season but it’s usually a good one!”

Hibbs has been restricted to just five starts and 10 substitute appearances this season, and feels there is more to come from him.

“I think I could have done better,” he said. “I’ve obviously not played as many games as I would’ve liked.

“But I don’t think my performances have been as good as they could have been when I have played.

“But it’s a squad game, you can’t just think about yourself.

“I’ll just keep coming on hopefully and trying to prove myself each time I get a chance.

“He (Town boss Billy Heath) has said he thinks I’m a good player and I’m well in his plans, which is always good to hear.

“I’ve just got to be patient and keep proving myself, do well in training and hopefully coming on and scoring a few more!”

Hibbs is encouraged by Halifax’s form of five straight wins, and reckons the squad is becoming a more cohesive unit.

“You’ve seen in the last four or five games that we’ve gelled a bit better,” he added.

“We’ve been a bit more organised and we’ve not been conceding goals.

“I think Garns (Scott Garner) has been quality. We were missing Honey (Danny Hone) at Harrogate, which I thought was going to be a problem, but Hotte came in and did as well as anyone could’ve done.

“I think everyone’s just getting used to each other. We’re pretty much a new team from last season so you’ve got to give it time.

“But in the last four or five games I think you’ve seen that we can beat anyone on our day.”