Manager unfazed by Bishops trip

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Neil Aspin believes it is too early to know if the 400-mile round journey to Hertfordshire has come at a good time.

Town will begin next season with a trip to the Bishops, who are the most southerly team in the Conference North.

Some have suggested Town will benefit from getting the huge trip out of the way early in the season, but manager Neil Aspin said it was impossible to know if it was a good time to make the long journey.

“You can never tell if it’s a good time to play someone because it depends what form they’re in,” he said.

“Last season we started with a tough game at home to Corby, who then faded as the season went on, and away to Blyth, who went down.

“Starting away from home doesn’t concern me because we were good on the road last year and we’ve just got to be positive,” he said.