Morecambe 0-0 FC Halifax Town: Fans Panel verdict

FC Halifax Town
FC Halifax Town

Here is the verdict of the Fans Panel after FC Halifax Town’s 0-0 draw at Morecambe in the FA Cup first round.

Kit Walton

Man of the match - A few contenders today. Cameron King was effective in midfield, trying to move us forward at every opportunity. The two fullbacks also did well - they need to get forward a lot, as we have so many defenders in the side.

Moment of the match - It has to be Jonny Edwards’ disallowed goal in injury time. It would have been the winner for certain, but as per usual he strayed offside. He had no need to do so, and his body language afterwards showed he knew it!

Moan of the match - Every now and again, we roll our sleeves up and look like a football team. Even though we didn’t create much, we gave them a good game today. I would like to think it gives us something to build on, but we’ve been here before. Let’s try to stay positive about today’s match though. My only real complaint is that the meat pies were a bit tough.

Rob Brown

Man of the match - Matty Brown, there were several players who gave their all on Saturday. Sanmi Odelusi deserved his ovation when substituted, Nathan Clarke battled through the game with a serious cut but Matty Brown lead the team by example.

Moment of the match - 46th minute, Matty Brown cleared the ball off the line and out of the ground. If Morecambe had scored then, it was game over for the Shaymen.

Moan of the match - Sanmi Odelusi where have you been all season? If you can play that well against Morecambe, why can’t you get stuck in against other teams? You’ve clearly got talent, just use it.

Andrew Mann

Man of the match - Hanson for me, very assured at the back as well as confident and quick going forward, he can definitely play at a higher level. King was also very good.

Moment of the match - Excellent goal line clearance from Matty Brown early in the second half. It would’ve been a bad time to concede and could’ve knocked us out of the cup.

Moan of the match - More disappointment than a moan as I’m told it was the right decision, but the disallowed goal at the end which would’ve sent town through and also massively boosted the confidence of Edwards who took the header so well. Shame it was offside.

Adam Heslop

Man of the match - Cameron King showed why he should have a permanent place in the first team with pace and skill on the ball. Also need to mention the massive improvement in Odelusi, he was like a different player.

Moment of the match - The instant of excitement when it appeared Edwards had scored on 90 minutes, the crowd supported their team all the way through and really made some noise as the ball went in the net.

Moan of the match - A personal one for me this week. It’s all very well having a separate place for disabled but I still pay to watch and when it’s the best game we’ve played in ages and the stewards block the view of over half the pitch it’s quite annoying!! It’s also not polite of them to ignore me when I ask them to move.