No plans to go full-time yet, says Bosomworth

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David Bosomworth has no plans to turn Town into a full-time club unless they reach the Football League.

The Halifax chairman says the numbers do not add up when considering turning professional until the club starts bringing in more money.

It is estimated that two-thirds of clubs in the Conference Premier are full-time, with only around eight teams preserving their part-time status.

Bosomworth admits promotion would necessitate turning full-time, but as things stand, isn’t prepared to initiate that change before then.

He said: “There won’t be any change to how we’re structured, we’re not generating the revenue stream that would facilitate that.

“The reality is if we can get into the Football League then we would go full-time.

“You’re competing against teams with gates of over 3,000 but when you look at some of the full-time teams who are struggling, so it just does not stack up to be full-time, unless you’ve got a revenue stream that will allow you to do it.

“We have to be realistic. You’d never say never and circumstances can change quickly, but we’ve got to say, right now, looking at the sums and the budgets for next year, nothing’s going to change from this year to next year.

“We’ve got challenges in developing revenues off the field and looking at the gate.

“I’ve said before that various schemes can go into the mix but we’ve still go to bring the revenue in because if you haven’t got it you can’t spend it.”

Bosomworth hasn’t given up hope of Town sneaking into the play-off reckoning this season.

Halifax are five points adrift of the top-five with 12 games left, but have played more matches than any other side in the Skrill Premier.

The Town chief says but for Town’s poor away record of one win from 17 away games, they would be among the play-off places.

Bosomworth rejects suggestions that the club would not be prepared for promotion if they were to reach the Football League next season.

He said: “I’d love it to be this year. People say would it be right for us to go up this year - yes it would.

“If we could get up now there’d be no better time. People say you won’t be ready, you need to consolidate.

“We’ve played a lot more games than some teams but we’ve a lot to take heart from.

“We’ve had a marvellous home record, which is to be cherished.

“But we’ve had a poor away record, which beggars belief when you look at the talent in the side.

“So with any kind of an away record we’d be in the top five and look at Alfreton, they’re in the top five and they’re part-time.

“So it can be done. There are different ways of how to do it but your recruitment has to be right and the management has to be right.

“But there’s nothing to say because we’ve had one year in this league that we’ll be at the top challenging next year.

“You only have look at Dartford who did very well last season but are now wrestling with relegation.”