Salisbury could be demoted from Conference

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Confusion surrounds the future of Salisbury after the club said they are facing expulsion from the Conference Premier following the league’s decision to relegate them.

Salisbury look set to be the second club to be thrown out of the Conference this week after Hereford were demoted due to financial problems.

The club was demoted in 2010 after failing to meet payment deadlines to creditors, but are understood to be in around £150,000 worth of debt, while on Thursday, owner Otail Touzar has been banned by the club.

If they are to be demoted, Dartford would be set to take their place in the division next season.

A statement on the club’s website said they are facing expulsion from the Conference on Tuesday, despite meeting certain financial demands placed on them.

It continues: “On Friday £75,000 was transferred into the club solicitors client account to meet unpaid debts.

“The Conference board have also been given assurances that in the next seven days, the funds to meet all outstanding club debts will be paid.

“However, because of a legal issue in relationship to ownership of the club, the Conference board have decided to throw Salisbury City FC out of the league on Tuesday.

“It staggers belief that this is a Conference board who were quite happy, along with the FA, to endorse the appointment of Otail Touzar but following forensic investigation by the club to expose him as a fraudster, are now using him as an excuse to throw Salisbury City FC out of the league.

“Following legal advice, Salisbury City FC will now consider taking an injunction out on the Conference or taking the case to an FA independent appeal board.

“It is disappointing that the Conference have failed to give the club a 7 day extension to clear up their financial irregularities and as a result of their imminent action it leaves Salisbury City FC with no choice but to take legal steps to safeguard their future.”