Shay beach pitch an “embarrassment” says Town chairman

The Shay pitch has hit the national headlines due to its awful condition, with long streaks of sand covering the surface during Saturday’s game between FC Halifax Town and Bristol Rovers.

The pitch has been beset by drainage problems in recent years and is struggling to cope with the demands of both FC Halifax Town and Halifax RLFC home games.

The football club had to move their home game with Dartford in the FA Trophy to Droylsden earlier this season as the Shay pitch was deemed unplayable.

In his programme notes on Saturday, Town chairman David Bosomworth described the pitch as “very disappointing and as bad as we have ever seen it.”

He also said: “We can only apologise and say we have got what we have got and we have to get on with it.

“It is not going to be cured until we get in to the close season and if investment is not put into the pitch, then serious decisions have to be made going forward.

“We cannot go on like this. The implications of having to watch the weather forecast morning, noon and night, losing Saturday fixtures to a Tuesday and the sheer embarrassment at what is left, after other fixtures, is all very tiring and frustrating.

“The pitch has to be fit for purpose and in our eyes, due to the lack of a cohesive drainage infrastructure, it is not.

“Our view is that it will not change until we bring income in from all sources to make it happen.”