Town boss admits midweek trip to Torquay is far from ideal

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Neil Aspin admits a midweek trip to Torquay isn’t exactly how he’d have planned FC Halifax Town’s visit to the English Riviera.

The Shaymen are set to travel down to the south coast on Monday after a training session on Saturday morning.

Dartford’s FA Cup clash with Bradford this weekend meant their league game with Halifax had to be postponed until the new year.

Aspin believes part-time clubs sometimes get a rough deal in the Conference fixture list.

“It means a couple of days off for the players so it’s not ideal,” he said of the Torquay trip.

“The players will be losing money to play football.

“I realise they get paid to play for Halifax but it’s not ideal.

“I don’t know how the fixtures are done but surely they can avoid a situation like this for a part-time team.

“It’s different if you’re a Forest Green, they stayed over up here on Monday night.

“It’s alright for those sorts of teams but the part-time teams are at a disadvantage.”

But Aspin is pleased to have a free weekend before the trip to Devon.

“When you look at the fixtures it was going to be a tough couple of games but it’s better for us not to have a game on Saturday,” he said.

“Ross Dyer was feeling his calf and Adam Smith felt his groin on Tuesday so it will give them time to recover before Torquay.”

Town are now halfway through their league campaign, and sit in sixth place after 23 games.

The Shay boss isn’t reading too much into his side’s first-half to the campaign.

“I don’t really look at the league table because there are that many teams close together, it’s a very competitive league,” he said.

“I don’t think you can get too carried away if you win or lose games.

“I think there will be lots of points dropped by teams all through the leagues.

“We just need to keep focusing on our own jobs.

“There’s not much difference between the teams at the bottom and the top.

“Telford went to Woking the other night and won so bottom can beat top, that’s the way the league is.

“There’s not any game where we think we should win but there’s no game where we think we can’t win.

Aspin is happy with the club’s points tally at the halfway mark, and reckons a repeat performance during the second-half of the season could be enough for a top-five finish.

“If you’d offered me the place we are in the table and the points we have now at the start of the season, I would have taken it, there’s no question about that,” he added.

“People do get carried away because of how we started but I was always conscious there were a lot of games to come.

“Although we won games they were tough.

“I think it’s a good achievement because it certainly is harder in your second season.

“Teams know your strengths and players do find it harder to maintain how they played the previous season.

“It’s a good return from the first-half of the season but we’ve got to make sure we can stay in the pack.

“Another 38 points would put us very close (to the play-offs).

“I’d expect about 75 points would get you in and around the play-offs.”