Town fans may not have seen the last of talented ‘Titch’

Alex Titchiner
Alex Titchiner

Alex Titchiner says he wouldn’t rule out a return to Town after his second loan spell at the Shay came to an end.

The striker signed off with a goal in the 2-1 win at Boston last Saturday and admitted that while he is now targeting a return to the first-team at Fleetwood, the Town fans might not have seen the last of him.

He said: “I never, ever shut a door but I’m a Fleetwood player and I want to be playing as high as possible.

“While I’m contracted there my aim is to try and break in and play in League Two week in, week out.

“I did that over Christmas and did well but then came out of the team through my own faults and losing my head after a bad result and not doing it in training.

“I’m hoping to force my way back in towards the end of the season but I’d never rule it out because Halifax are a nice club, a big club and I’ve enjoyed it so I definitely wouldn’t rule out coming back.”

Titchiner says the Town fans will probably see him again this season though as he is planning on keeping a very close eye on the club’s progress, and thinks the squad can achieve promotion this season.

He said: “I think the squad’s more than capable of reaching the play-offs and then going on and doing it.

“From now I’ll be a Halifax fan for the rest of the season - it’s a shame I can’t extend my loan but I’ll be a fan and I’ll try and get down to the games unless I’m involved at Fleetwood.

“I have confidence in the lads, they’re a great bunch, the management know what they’re doing so if I was putting money on it, I’d put it on Halifax.”

The popular striker became a terrace favourite during his two spells with The Shaymen, and Titchiner was pleased to end his two-month return with a winning goal.

He said: “I’m pleased with how it went, I started off well and finished well. I had seven games where I didn’t score a goal which for me was very disappointing because I like to score a goal a game.

“A few of the lads were joking before the Boston game that it’d be nice for me to finish with a goal and it was a great way for me to sign off and to hear the fans singing my name at the end.

“I went over and clapped them and hopefully they’ve appreciated me being here and what I’ve brought.

“Every club I’ve been at I’ve always had that rapport with the fans, I work hard on the pitch and I think they appreciate someone who works hard.

“They pay their money to watch their team home and away so from my perspective the least I can do is put 100 per cent effort in.”