Guiseley 1-2 FC Halifax Town: Wild pleased with what he saw from win at Nethermoor

Town boss Pete Wild was pleased with what he saw from The Shaymen's first win of pre-season at Guiseley.

By Tom Scargill
Tuesday, 3rd August 2021, 10:33 pm
Updated Tuesday, 3rd August 2021, 10:36 pm
Pete Wild
Pete Wild

Goals from Martin Woods and a trialist, who both came on in the second-half, were enough to edge it for Town, despite Kaine Felix getting one back for the hosts.

"Really pleased, I thought we played some really good stuff," Wild said.

"After Carlisle on Friday, where I didn't think we kept the ball, but listen, Carlisle was too much for us on Friday night, that was their seventh friendly, our second and with a load of trialists.

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"It made my mind up on a lot of trialists, but we didn't keep the ball well enough, and coming here tonight there were no excuses, we had to keep the ball better and I thought we were very good.

"The patterns we've been working on are coming out already, the way we want to play and the areas we want to infiltrate, I think we've done it in abundance tonight.

"Yes we have to score more goals, but we haven't really worked on the final third stuff yet, that's the last thing we get to.

"But if that's what we need to do, to finish the job off, then great.

"But I thought we looked solid in and out of possession tonight, I was really pleased, I enjoyed watching my team tonight."

Wild added: "We've got trialists coming in and out, but they're here to earn a shirt and here to impress me, make me want to take them.

"I think a few have done that tonight."

On how his squad building is going, Wild said: "We're up to 15, 16 and we want to get to 20, 21, so there's four or five to go, and we believe some of them are in the building.

"But we'll be patient to make sure we get the right ones.

"If we started the season tomorrow, have we got enough, yeah, of course we've got enough, and we'll add when we can, when we think the player's right and when we think it's appropriate."

Does Wild feel there has been progression in the three pre season games so far?

"Yeah, definitely," he said. "You had two 45 teams at Farsley last Tuesay night, full of trialists and hadn't played together, but we played some good stuff.

"At Carlisle on Friday night, I didn't really get what I wanted out of it, but we got there at five past six for a seven o'clock kick off, everything conspired against us.

"But it was another run out, and we got a run around on Friday night.

"Tonight's pleased me as much as anything."

Some Town fans have been critical of the club after the departures of Neill Byrne and Jake Hyde, and the cancellation of a friendly against Huddersfield Town B leaving them with currently just four warm-up games.

"Behind the scenes everything's tickety-boo, everything's going to plan," Wild said.

"Everybody's got smiles on their faces, everybody's exactly where they want to be.

"If you think that, stop listening to the forums."

Looking ahead to the upcoming season, Wild said: "We're going to be younger, we're going to be more athletic this year, which could work in our favour but it might not.

"We're younger by design, we can't fish in the same ponds as everybody else because everybody's just paying silly money, and everybody we're remotely interested in just gets offered more money and goes somewher else.

"We're young by design but we'll certainly be good to watch again."

Wild admits he has been outbid for players by bigger spending teams this summer.

"We've had loads of people we've spoken to," he said. "People slag me off for saying this but we can only compete with the money we've got.

"I'm going to keep saying, people are fed up with me saying but that's what we've got.

"We need to make young players better and find players that maybe other teams aren't looking for, and develop them, mixed in with a bit of experience along the way if we can."