FC Halifax Town: Sho-Silva hoping to strike gold with The Shaymen

Doncaster v Halifax. Tobi Sho-Silva. Picture: Kelly Gilchrist/FC Halifax TownDoncaster v Halifax. Tobi Sho-Silva. Picture: Kelly Gilchrist/FC Halifax Town
Doncaster v Halifax. Tobi Sho-Silva. Picture: Kelly Gilchrist/FC Halifax Town
Town striker Tobi Sho-Silva hopes he has finally got a chance to show what he can do after two frustrating seasons at Dover.

The 24-year-old could start as many league games for Halifax in August alone than he did in his previous two campaigns.

His move to the south coast club came after a successful season at Bromey, where he scored 11 goals in 38 league appearances.

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“I came in thinking that I would play,” the striker said of his move to Dover, “and I was just getting sub appearances so it didn’t really work out.

“And then the new manager came in and didn’t really favour me. In football things change quickly so you’ve just got to be patient.

“I’ve always believed in my ability so it’s just about opportunity and getting a chance to play so I can show what I can do.

“All I can do is give my best when I get the opportunity, I’ll work my socks off to keep improving behind the scenes and when I get a chance on the pitch, just show the world what I can do.

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“Hopefully that will be enough to keep my shirt on the weekend and keep progressing.”

Sho-Silva started out in Sunday League from aged eight to 11 before being scouted for Charlton, where he stayed until he was 21.

“I had a couple of loan spells at Welling and Inverness in the Scottish Prem,” he said. “That was interesting, a very long drive!

“But it was a good experience for me when I was young, playing under John Hughes, who was a good manager.

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“Then I moved to Bromley where I had a good spell and then I was at Dover for the last two years.”

Sho-Silva reckons his season at Bromey was where he has played his best football so far.

“Yeah, I was settled there, it was good,” he said. “Neil Smith (Bromley manager) gave me the opportunity so I was grateful for that.

“I got my head down and knuckled on.”

After his stint at Dover, Sho-Silva joined Jamie Fullarton’s Halifax on a one-year deal earlier this month, only for Fullarton to resign last week.

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“The lads have been perfect in terms of answering any questions I’ve got and making me feel welcome,” Sho-Silva said of his eventful introduction to the club..

“At the end of the day, it’s football. Things change rapidly and I’m here for the whole season so I’m going to give my best to the club, and play for the fans and whoever comes in next, and keep working hard for the opportunities and hopefully take them with both hands.”

The forward said there were a few southern-based clubs interested in him this summer, but was grateful the chance to join Halifax arose.

“I wanted a bit of a change so I can just get away from everything down south, come here, keep my head down and focus on my football,” he said.

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“I’ve got good lads around me that will support me, people like Clarkey (Nathan Clarke) and Browny (Matty Brown).

“I know Staunts (Josh Staunton) and Jamie Allen already, so it’s a good group of lads we’ve got here.

“I’m just looking to give my all to the team and hopefully we can achieve something big this season.”

Sho-Silva has only played once against Halifax, but marked the occasion with a last-ditch winner at The Shay in August 2017.

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“I thought they were a good team, strong, solid,” he recalled.

“But the one thing I remember is the fans, they were good fans, so I’m just looking forward to hopefully improving and adding what I can to the team so we can be as successful as possible.”

When asked what his strengths are as a player, the front-man said: “Pace and power in-behind, an aerial threat, and strong and physical. And hopefully goals, goals, goals.

“That’s what I work hard to do, to score.”

Despite Town’s pre-season upheaval, Sho-Silva is optimistic about how well they can do this term.

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“I’m a positive guy, and I expect the best,” he said.”I go into every game, and I’m sure all the boys will, trying to win every game.

“There’s no team in this league we can’t beat on our day, so I think that’s the mentality you have to have.

“I think we’ll do well this season.

“It’s a physical league, nothing’s promised. Your team can be strong all week in training, strong on paper, but it depends on who turns up on the day.

“You’ve got to be mentally tough, it’s 46 games, a lot of travelling.

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“It’s basically League Three. We’ve got to be fit, recover right, because there’s a lot of games. There’s eight in August, I was checking it earlier.

“You’ve got to be mentally tough, mentally ready, but it’s all about team spirit. It’s not a one-man job.

“You can’t just rely on one player. Everybody’s got to stand up to the plate, and when that happens, you get on top and you just try and stay on top.

“It’s very demanding but it’s a good challenge and it’s exciting.”

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Sho-Silva is targeting at least 10 goals for The Shaymen this season, but insists the success of the team is his priority.

When asked what would be a successful season, he replied: “Me personally, double-figures, a lot of appearances, good performances and something for the fans to take away where they can say ‘we’ve really enjoyed this season, we’ve enjoyed coming and watching games’.

“There’s no club without the fans so that is something I’m quite big on.

“As a team, finishing as high as we can. I can’t really put a place on it but as long as we can look back on it and say in every game, we gave 100 per cent.

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“For me it’s always about the team. I want the team to do well. I wouldn’t want to score 50 goals and us as a team not do well.

“Whatever I can add to the team, whether that be goals or assists, or even just hard work, it’s all about the three points and finishing as high as we can as a team.”