How will the FA punish Cup ref after his latest gaffe?

In football speak, Sunday was a ‘disappointing’ day for the game in so many ways.

It started with Ashley Young’s flamboyant efforts in the penalty area to win - and there is not other word for it - Manchester United a penalty.

It continued with the minute’s silence before the Chelsea-Spurs FA Cup semi-final being curtailed to avoid the Chelsea ‘fans’ from embarrassing themselves further.

And it concluded with a phantom goal that gave Chelsea a two goal lead early in the second half of the same match which effectively killed off the Spurs challenge and ruined what was becoming a perfectly good game.

Young and the Chelsea fans - or at least the club on their behalf - should be punished for their actions.

So should Martin Atkinson, but he will continue to get away with the ludicrous decisions if history is anything to go by.

He was the referee who decided that Clint Hill’s header for QPR had not crossed the line when it was clear that the ball was a good yard over the line before it was cleared.

A few short weeks later he is in charge of an FA Cup semi-final - not much of a punishment for a major mistake - and repeating his faux pas in reverse by awarding Juan Mata a goal when the ball clearly did not cross the line.

John Terry and Frank Lampard both admitted it had not crossed the line and TV evidence was clear.

Roberto di Matteo suggested it did not matter because Chelsea went on to score five goals.

But I am not so sure they would have scored five had Tottenham not been forced to chase the game.

Despite the Mata ‘goal’ - awarded by a man who failed to see Mario Balotelli’s challenge on Alex Song as a potential leg breaker- I am still not a big fan of video technology.

What I would like to see is better officials.

As we hurtle towards the end of April, the FA maintain they are in no hurry to appoint a permanent successor to Fabio Capello.

I am sure the FA know, but in case they don’t England open their Euro 2012 campaign against France on June 11.

That is under two months before the start of the second biggest world competition and we are still debating who will be in charge of the team.

We all know who we want and I would suggest they get it sorted as soon as possible - especially as Spurs’ final chance of silverware was dashed by one of the FA’s own employees at the weekend.