"I think a point's the least we deserved" says Wild after Shaymen's draw with Hartlepool

Pete Wild. Photo: Marcus BranstonPete Wild. Photo: Marcus Branston
Pete Wild. Photo: Marcus Branston
FC Halifax Town boss Pete Wild thought a point was the least his side deserved after their 1-1 draw at home to Hartlepool United.

"I thought our shape was excellent, I thought we contained them really well," said Wild.

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"We probably kept, in my opinion, one of the best, if not the best, team in the league nullified, we kept their good lads quiet.

"Really frustrated to concede off a set-piece, they've had two shots all game. They've had the goal, and they've had one that Sam saved, we've nullified them all evening.

"So really impressed with how we defended, our shape and how second-half we then started to try and have a nibble and a bite and go after them.

"That's how we wanted to play against them.

"As the game goes on you look at our athleticism, I don't think anybody's fitter than us in the league, and how we keep going, keep tearing people down.

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"With the quality that Jeff (King) has put in all evening in terms of set-pieces, it was only a matter of time before we got on the end of one.

"Great header by Greeny and something he needs to bring to his game more, which we're really pleased with.

"After that you think there's only one team going to win it, unfortunately Dan (Williams) has took one for the team, he's probably saved us a point let's be honest about it.

"Then you're looking to hold on. We contained them well, anything that's come in our box we defended really well.

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"All things considered I think a point's the least we deserved."

Wild added: "They've got players that are far beyond my budget that can influence games, and I think we've kept their influential players quiet tonight.

"I think we've given a really good account of ourselves and we're frustrated we haven't won the game.

"They've got really good movement, good rotations, got players who get balls in the box, players who attack balls in the box, and we've stopped that.

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"Our problem is we've got to stop giving teams a leg up and giving them a 1-0 start before we then start trying to claw our way back.

"Unfortunately this season that's been our Achilles heel that mistakes have cost us goals, and that frustrates me.

"But our all round play, our all round tactical play, has been good again tonight."

On Hartlepool's goal, which came from a short corner routine, Wild said: "Jamie Allen's got to follow his man on the edge of the box, everybody else has got their man, and yeah, he's asleep.

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"They'll try that again on Saturday and spoon it over the bar won't they, it's one of those things, but yeah, frustrated because set-pieces are things you can stop and we haven't done that, which is highly frustrating."

Wild was pleased with his side's spirit as they kept pressing for an equaliser and were eventually rewarded 12 minutes from the end.

"I think there's a resilience about this team this year," he said.

"How many times have we been behind and come back, and either won games or got points out of games?

"I'm not sure the team last year would have done that.

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"I think that's what I like about us. If you looked at the stats last year, the teams that were 1-0 up and won games, it was probably 75 per cent, but when teams have done that this year I always think we're going to create chance and I always think we're going to score.

"That's why I'm always confident on the sideline. We made attacking formational changes tonight, we kept on the front foot.

"They've changed their shape three times to try and combat us, and we've been able to nullify that, and that really pleases me as a manager."

The result means Town have taken four points in their last two games against high-flyers Torquay and Hartlepool.

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"You'd take that against two of the top three wouldn't you," Wild said.

"I haven't seen anything better than Hartlepool and I think we've gone toe-to-toe, matched them and some could argue, if you take your chances, we've probably had the better chances on balance."

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