Leeds United takeover: Fans post pens to Ken Bates to urge him to sell up

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Admin staff at Leeds United FC could receive a deluge of mail this morning after a fans’ Twitter campaign to push the takeover of the club to a conclusion gathered pace.

The tongue-in-cheek Pen 4 Ken campaign asks beleaguered supporters to post a pen to owner and chairman Ken Bates to prompt him to sign the club over to a consortium looking to buy his 72.85 per cent share.

Talks between United and a Middle East based group - thought to be fronted by a member of Bahrain’s ruling family, Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Mubarak Al-Khalifa and brokered by Dubai-based investment company GFH Capital Limited - have been ongoing since the end of last season and it is thought the process of due diligence was completed several weeks ago. Sources close to the potential buyers have suggested ‘necessary legal matters’ are now holding the deal up and the feeling among supporters is it is Bates’ demands which are the sticking point.

Now, fans looking to find some humour amid the torment of ongoing speculation have started the campaign, tagged #pen4ken on Twitter, and by last night hundreds had pledged to post a pen to Bates, care of the Elland Road club.

Some also tweeted the covering letters they intended to include, with one fan writing:

I’m confident that the Bic Cristal I’ve enclosed will serve you well and that it will not let you down when your signature is required for documents of the utmost importance.

I require no thanks for this generous gift, I only ask that you carry it with you always and treat it well. You never know when you’ll find yourself leaning over an important document and the pen I’ve enclosed will come to the rescue.