Maidenhead 0-1 FC Halifax Town: Fans Panel verdict

FC Halifax Town badge
FC Halifax Town badge

Here is the verdict of the Fans Panel after FC Halifax Town’s 1-0 win at Maidenhead.

Adam Heslop

Man of the match - Nathan Clarke and Josh Staunton both worked hard in a game where nobody stood out especially, but all did their jobs. Clarke just edged it as the stand-in captain communicating well and keeping the lads going.

Moment of the match - McAlinden’s goal was definitely my moment of the match, the ball looked to be going wide but just crept into the bottom corner. It made a change from us conceding in the first few minutes.

Moan of the match - Although there was some excellent football, this afternoon there was also some very sloppy passes and at times, we gave the ball away too easily.

Rob Brown

Man of the match - Sam Johnson. I’d give this week’s award to the goalkeeper; everything that came into the box was dealt with easily by Johnson. He didn’t have to make many saves but there were plenty of crosses and corners that he collected without any fuss.

Moment of the match - McAlinden’s first minute goal turned out to be the decisive moment. After last season’s 3-0 hammering it was great to see Maidenhead on the back foot from the start.

Moan of the match - I and others didn’t get a good view of the goal due to changing ends after the coin toss. It would be good if the team waited at least two minutes before scoring in future!

Kit Walton

Man of the match - An impressive team performance today, with many players putting in a shift. Charlie Cooper was as good as anyone, without being particularly spectacular. He goes about his business quietly, adding a strong and much-needed physical presence to our midfield, and this allows the other midfielders to flourish.

Moment of the match - There was a lot of good football played by the Shaymen, particularly in the first half. I suppose the moment should be Liam McAlinden’s goal, although I would have given it to Jeff King had he doubled our lead late on. It was a much better build up, but the goalkeeper ruined it by pulling off a good save.

Moan of the match - It becomes increasingly difficult to find anything to moan about, but I’ll go back to the old chestnut about southern referees having a bias against northern clubs. This looked to be the case again today, but fortunately one of the linesmen wasn’t having it, flagging for many indiscretions that would otherwise have been ignored.