"On another day we could have won it," says Town boss Millington after draw at Dorking

Chris Millington. Photo: Marcus BranstonChris Millington. Photo: Marcus Branston
Chris Millington. Photo: Marcus Branston
Town boss Chris Millington admitted his side could have won it but said he was satisfied with a point after their 0-0 draw at Dorking.

The Shaymen spurned some good chances in the game as well as being denied by man-of-the-match Dan Lincoln in the Dorking goal.

"It's hard to say we deserved to win it because I thought they had the better of the second-half," Millington said.

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"It's one of those games, probably not dissimilar to Tuesday night, where we've got such control in the first-half that if we score, as we should have done, with the number of chances and seven corners and five long throws going into the box, plus free-kicks, if we take one of those chances then it could easily have ended up being a performance similar to Tuesday night.

"I'd say Dorking shaded the second-half, although we still had some very good chances.

"We've got to be satisfied with a point, even though on another day we could have won it."

When asked what the difference was from Tuesday, when Town took several of their chances in their 5-0 win against Wealdstone, Millington said: "The keeper's had a very good game, it's different on a tight pitch where the ball sits up and doesn't fall nicely to be struck, to be finished.

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"And we're away from home, which makes it a bit more challenging as well."

Millington was encouraged by the performance though.

"It's another very good performance, and we said if we can't win it, don't lose it, so there's got to be a sense of satisfaction in that, away from home," said the Town boss.

"If it was a home game, there'd be a bit more disappointment that we didn't take the three points, but with it being an away game, we've got to accept that it's a good point on the road."

On what pleased him most about his side's display, Millington said: "I think the control we had first-half, the energy in the front three and the resilience and aerial ability of the back three was great,

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"In-between that we were picking up seconds and building play, so every unit in the team operated really cohesively.

"Second-half, they made it a bit more challenging by going from back-to-front quicker and as is often the case with Dorking, it became a bit of a basketball match and it becomes a bit more harum-scarum.

"So the second-half, either team could really have won it but the really pleasing aspects were the first-half performance and getting more minutes for the likes of Luke Summerfield, Matty Warburton and Mani, all coming on and impacting the game for us."

It's now also back-to-back clean sheets for Town in the league for the first time this season.

"Yeah, I think that's very important," Millington said.

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"And I think it's also worth mentioning that Dorking have earned 73 per cent of their points this season at home, so their home form is clearly very, very different from their away form.

"So they're not an easy team to play at home, and they're on the verge of beating a couple of teams, they've got some very good players and a very attractive style when they get up to the highest levels they've got, so they'll take points off teams between now and the end of the season."

Millington said a deal was in place to extend the loan of Harrogate winger Max Wright the day before his hamstring injury, and the deal would have been finalised had he not got injured.

"Max has been a phenomenal player for us in terms of his impact," Millington said.

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"The performance at Oldham will always stand out as a really positive one.

"Very coachable as a lad to work with, very eager to pick up the tactical side of the game and excellent at going out and implementing it.

"Sorry to see him go but really grateful for the impact he had while he was here."

On whether he will add to his squad before the transfer deadline of March 16, Millington said: "We're investigating other opportunities, an we'd expect to see some more coming in before the deadline."

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When asked if there might be more than one addition, the Town boss said: "Dependent on who's available really. We need bodies for the run-in, but as is always the case, they need to be right.

"We've got the core of a really positive group of players here and we need positive players to come in and support that, and make sure there's a real can-do spirit and that players come in and complement the group.

"We don't want just anybody coming into this group."

Jack Senior is still recovering from his dead leg.

"It's quite a bad dead leg, the bruising's still coming out, so we'll review him again on Monday," Millington said.

On midfielder Kian Spence, Millington said: "He's progressing under the supervision of the specialist but I think we're looking at a few weeks yet before he'll be on the pitch."

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On defender Tom Clarke, the Town boss said: "He's trying his best to get back but it's difficult when you've got a weakness like that and it just keeps flaring up.

"We're supporting him as best we can to support him through the process and hopefully we'll see him back in the not-too-distant future."

Jordan Keane missed the game due to a back spasm sustained on Thursday.

Louis White is expected to return to training next week after suffering a knee injury but won't be available for Gateshead on Tuesday, while Jordan Slew was not involved due to a selection decision.

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