Pervez is AFL’s top scorer

Tom Booth is averaging a goal a game
Tom Booth is averaging a goal a game

Tom Booth, winner of the Craig Varley Trophy for the Halifax AFL’s leading scorer for the last two seasons, has his work cut out to make it a hat-trick.

The Midgley United hot-shot has bagged 11 goals in 11 games for the champions, currently fourth in the Premier, this season.

That puts him only one behind Stump Cross’s ex-Holmfield striker Damian Watkins in the top section, but well adrift of some free-scoring players in lower divisions.

Terriq Pervez had bagged 21 goals in only nine games for Division Two title contenders Spring Hall Celtic while Chris Conroy’s 18 goals have helped Northowram into a commanding lead in Division One.

Leading scorers - Premier Division: D.Watkins (Stump Cross) 12, T.Booth ( Midgley United) 11, T.Hiley (Stump Cross) 9, C.Silkstone (Ryburn United) 9, G.Ash (Copley United) 8, J.Bradbury (Elland United) 7, J.Gibson (Calder 76) 7, G.Bamford (Midgley United) 7, L.Cockcroft (Hebden Royd Red Star) 6.

Division One: C.Conroy (Northowram) 18, N.Green (Salem) 15, J.Griffin (Shelf United) 13, C.Bell (Elland Allstars) 12, D.Moralee (Denholme United) 11, G.Thomas (Volunteer Arms) 10, A.Smith (Elland Allstars) 9, N.Roberts (Denholme United) 8, J.Waggett (Northowram) 8, B.Grech (Shelf United) 7.

Division Two: T.Pervez (Spring Hall Celtic) 21, G.Gladwin (AFC Crossleys) 17, J.Broadbent (Shelf United) 10, S.Ahmed (Spring Hall Celtic) 10, T.Allinson (Mixenden United) 10, A.Haggerty (Sowerby United Res) 8, A.Bottomley (King Cross Warley Res) 7, T.Boyle (AFC Crossleys) 7, Z.Ahmed (Spring Hall Celtic) 7, D.Mlodecki (AFC Crossleys) 7.

Division Three: C.Allen (Brighouse Sports) 18, B.Duski (Brighouse Sports) 17, H.Talbot (Shelf FC) 8, A.Goldthorpe (Savile Arms) 7, O.Goldthorpe (Savile Arms) 6, D.Phipps (Shelf FC) 6, C.Durkin (Brighouse Sports) 6, M.Jenkins (Salem Res) 5, G.Boldy (Shelf FC) 5, A.Conroy (Shelf FC) 5.