Queens Head dismay at semi-final ruling

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Sunday League Division One side Queens Head may be denied the opportunity to play in their first ever cup final following an administrative error by the Bridge Balti Halifax Sunday League.

Craig Pickard’s side were due to meet King Cross Park in the League Cup showpiece at St Giles Rad at the end of this month following their 4-2 semi-final victory over fellow Division One side Bradshaw on March 30.

However, Bradshaw officials discovered that the league had failed to give the clubs the required five day notice as set out in their rules for the tie to be deemed a valid game.

After taking advice from the West Riding FA, Halifax Sunday League officials have re-arranged the semi-final for next Tuesday evening to be played at Bradshaw.

Secretary Mike Sharman has been quick to put his hand up for the mistake on behalf of the Sunday League committee, calling it a genuine error.

Queens Head are upset that the result hasn’t been allowed to stand arguing that Bradshaw had mutually agreed to play the game.

Craig Pickard, who runs the club with his father Ian, said the situaton was an “outrage” and questioned why the club should be penalised.

“It was not a club error, and I feel very strongly about it” added Pickard.

“My dad and I have put our hearts and souls into Queens Head. We are a well-run club who have been around for eight years and never given the league a scrap of bother.

“For once we have reached a cup final and now it looks as though that could be snatched away from us.”

Ian Pickard echoed his son’s frustration, adding: “I feel for the lads who have earned their place in a first cup final. Everybody is very down at the moment.

“We feel we won the game fair and square. It’s hard work running a football club and you strive towards things like making finals.

“The obvious answer is for us to go out and win the game on Tuesday. Hopefully the players’ hearts will be up for it.”

Sharman admitted that the league had been at fault but had been left with little choice but to replay the game.

“Bradshaw made a representation to the West Riding FA after the original game basically saying we were in breach of our own rules,” said Sharman.

“We took advice and made the only decision that was open to us.

“It was a genuine error, but as a league we have to hold our hands up.

“I feel for all three teams; King Cross Park who are still waiting to see who they will be facing in the final. Queens Head obviously because of the nature of the situation, and also Bradshaw who will feel that every man and his dog is against them.

“These decisions are not always popular. We made a mistake and for that we are sorry.”